10 Annoying Things Gujarati Girls Hear Daily

Growing up Gujarati is just not an easy task! Let alone relatives even our parents get on our nerves sometimes. The list is never ending but here are a few things that every Gujarati girl has surely heard at least once. Check it out



Following are 10 Annoying Things Gujarati Girls Hear Daily


1. “Rotli banavta sikh pela!”


rotli gujarati


Oh dear god! Not again




2. “Chakudi toh bau moti thai gayi !”




Yes uncle, living things grow!




3. “Chokro NRI che, MBA pan karyu che, biju su joiye che tane ?”


not looking for man gujarati


Independence dude!




4. “9 vagya pela gharma avija je !”


gujarati girl angry


The goodness of a girl’s character is directly proportionate to her curfew apparently.




5. “Thodik patli thai jaa, saaro chokro malse !”


thank you gujarati girl


Thanks for the unwanted opinion.





6. “Haji ketlu bhanis dikraa ?”


dont tell me what to do gujarati


Did you pay for my classes? Dear annoying relative !




7. “Atli taiyaar thainey kem jaye che ?”


getting ready gujarati girls


Because dressing up for oneself is therapeutic!




8. “Tara whatsapp/ facebook DP ma chokro kon che ?”


bau panchaat


Tamey panchaat ma PHD kari che?




9. “Aa keva kapda peherya che ?”


mast che ne gujarati girls


Mast che ne?




10. “Dikri to paarki thaapan kehvay !”


kajol slop claps gujarati


Slow claps for this emotional but deprived of logic statement.


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