10 Kinds Of Drivers You Will Find On Roads Of Gujarat

It is very rightly said, ‘If you can drive on roads of Gujarat, you can drive on any road on this earth!’

Gujarat roads are full of different types of vehicles – cars, bikes, auto rickshaws, trucks, buses, trailers and what not! Along with different types of vehicles, comes different types of drivers.  Each one with different traits of their own and read on to know where exactly do you fit in.





Following are 10 Kinds Of Drivers You Will Find On Roads Of Gujarat


1. The competitor



Pelo ek chokro class ma  je koine aagal vadhava na de ane avalchanda karya kare. Exactly! Those kids grow up to become such drivers. Aava namunao karan vagarnu accelerate kare and they constantly feel the need to get onto the finish line of the planet, first!




2. Kaachbo.



They are so slow that they are painful (to other drivers). Amni khaasiyat che ke, cycle pan aamni gaadi thi aagal nikli jaye. They are so slow that if they happen to drive in front of you, the amount of patience you have will get tested.




3. Pey pey kings/queens



Aka the honkers. They feel aagal wala ne shaukh che rasta ni vache ubha rehvanu and they also feel that their constant honking will have miraculous impact on the red light and it will turn green in no time!




4. Babaaliya !



These guys firstly ride wrongly and are are ready to fight with anybody driving in the right manner. Su khabar su maja avey, if not a fight they will ensure they show some fingers and act superior.




5. Distracted souls.



People like you and me. Because, apparently snapchatting while driving is cooler than paying attention while driving. #YOLO etlej dhyaan rakhvu padey!




6. The flashers.



Pela pey pey wala thi saara, but what is with all the lights? Amney khabar che enu bill naa avey pan su tamara baapa ni Diwali che?




7. Fattudaao.



Ek turn levo hase ema 1000 var vicharse. Highways are their nightmare. They will drive slowly for hours and then probably decide to speed up for like mini seconds!




8. Coloriya Bulletwala !



Bike ma dhug-dhug avaaj ocho hacho k ema pacha aajkal loko faaltu na fataakda silencer maathi. Khabar che pappa paase paiso che. Please, live and let live.




9. Gap kaadhva vada 



Jhapse nai. Even if they find teeny tiny space tya pan bikr ghusadi dese. Apparently hopping around like a frog is their PHD.



10. Bhatkeli aatmao!



Gives the right indicator but turns left ! Exactly what they are. School ma paachu java jevu che aamne.



Yes there are drivers who drive very safely and carefully as well. However following traffic rules, driving safely is the need of the hour.. Unnecessary honking of horns, speeding up your vehicle for no reason, not following traffic rules IS NOT AT ALL COOL !!! Your life may be worthless but not others’ lives !!! Drive carefully without causing any nuisance and follow traffic rules. 


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