10 Reasons Why A Gujarati Makes The Best Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t. So that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t!


Businesses owned and managed by gujjus have made it to the epitome of success globally! Being an entrepreneur is not everybody’s cup of tea check out what makes it our cup of tea.



Following are 10 Reasons Why A Gujarati Makes The Best Entrepreneur


1) Blame it on the genes!


entrepreneuship in genes


Entrepreneurial skills are our heirlooms. It runs in our families. Making it bigger and better  than our ancestors is the dream!




2) Depend on no one


badhu kaam jaate


While hiring professionals for every bit of work is the trend globally. A gujju will always learn the skill for himself. “ sikhay pan jaye, paisa pan bachey!”




3) They dream big


dream big


“ Manas nai pan vichar nana hoye che”

Thoughts become things so might as well think and dream big! This surely doesn’t mean they talk of buying the moon but means creating something that lasts long as the moon




4) The Non- VIP’s


chaalse bhaavse faavse


Most gujjus do not expect to be the centre of attraction everywhere. They are down to earth and this makes them the best for an entreprenuial role. “ Amney badhu chalse, bhavsey aney favsey!”




5) Their Gut Instinct


gujju gut feeling


Following your heart might not be the best way to do business, however gujjus have mastered this skill and have been turning tables all over. Even if any project shows 100 times more profit than now. A gujju will refuse it if the gut says “aa nai chaley!”





6) They do it for passion!


work passion


The urge to stop way higher than where they started is their secret. The long hours of toiling feel like a few minutes to them because “ Potanu kaik karvu che”




7) Make it a win-win


win win situation gif


If there is a situation it has to be a WIN-WIN. Gujratis will look out for long terms gains in all aspects and thus take care of all those associated with them




8) Calculated Risk takers


gujaratis risk takers


A quality which can Make or Mar the entrepreneur. Gujjus will analyze a  million times before investing their money in a venture and this makes them more successful than their counterparts.




9) For them Network = Net worth


Reasons Why A Gujarati Makes The Best Entrepreneur


Gujjus simply do not have “ Jugaad “ Everywhere.  They roll up their sleeves and mingle around pitching their ideas and taking ideas from others as well. That is why “ Apdu setting toh badhey hoye”




10) Profit minded


 Reasons Why A Gujarati Makes The Best Entrepreneur


It is business and they are in it for profits! Sugar coating their profit motives is not in their values. They definitely get a 10 out of 10 for business transparency.


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