10 Stereotypes Gujju Girls are tired and sick of hearing

Gujju girls have come a long way. They are fighting their preconceived prototypes everyday single handedly and have done a remarkable job. So now is the time for you to update your “Gujarati girl” image before you set out on a date with them.

PS. They are the best ones to date!



Following are the 10 Stereotypes Gujju Girls are tired and sick of hearing.


1) Marriage


gujju girls myths marriage


All they care about is dressing up and getting married! Graduating and getting married! Turning 20 and getting married! Blah..blah…blah. Here is the truth. Being independent tops the list and not getting married.


2) Star cooks !


i dont want to cook


“Oh! You are a gujju u must cook well!”

No. We aren’t born just to “cook” and even if we have great culinary skills doesn’t mean we are marriage ready.


3) Jeweled up.


no jewelry


Stacking up every ornament from the box, Gone are those days! Jewelry is a beauty enhancer and not the reason for our beauty.


4) Ultimate ‘Sanskari.’




A pretty woman with her head held low who just nods in agreement is not just a myth but also an illusion. Gujju girls are bold enough to take vital decisions relating to any sphere of their lives.


5) Marriage material


gujju girls dreams


Yes, we posses everything that an ideal spouse should but that surely doesn’t mean we must let go of our dreams and desires just to fit into someone’s life.



6) Loud


keeping a secret gujju girls


All we know is to gossip and let others overhear happily.  We might be a little more vocal and spontaneous but we are great keepers as well.


7) Rich dad -> Rich husband -> happily ever after.


daddys money gujju girl


Owing to the confidence we carry and our zeal to make a difference the above theory is absolutely redundant presently. Sorry to pop the bubble.


8) Boring


party started gujju girls


We can get a party started in the most awesome way! We can get high just as our male counterparts. Put the ‘boring, non partying’ image in the recycle bin dear.


9) Eye sockets-Water tanks.




Oh! Please do not impose the ‘daya Ben’ image onto all of us. We don’t cry our way out of situations anymore.


10) All we know is garba!

garba all the time

Haven’t you heard of Mallika Sarabhai and so many others who have proved that our excellence is not restricted to our culture and that carrying our culture wherever we go isn’t to be shyed away from.


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