10 Things Everybody Must Learn from a Gujarati

Everybody crossing your path teaches you something or other. Some teach what to do and others teach what not to do. As far as Gujratis are concerned you surely want to attend those lessons. Check them out.



Following are 10 Things Everybody Must Learn from a Gujarati


1) Jo baka apdu setting che tya!


gujarati badhe j setting


This quality has to top the list for sure. Gujjus are the masters of jugaad. When things go out of course that’s when the game begins for them.




2) The only P of marketing – Patels !


patel marketing experts


Ditch the expensive Philip kotler marketing journal and spend an hour with a Gujarati friend. You will learn more and save money as well.




3) Their risk appetite is larger than their actual appetite.


risk taker gujaratis


Gujjus are known all over the world for their food habits. Playing well in the courage zone also falls into our basket of awesomeness other than food.




4) Resale value bolo pehla!


common sense in gujarati


Apart from all those technical functions of any project or investment, Resale value is what a gujju will always ask for. Value for money is what excites them and not just fancy packaging



5) It is not “ Maru” it is always “ Apdu” !


maru nai apdu che


“Its not me its we “ Was coined by modern day management books in recent times. Being a team player runs into our history. Don’t you question us!



6) Dignity of work.


dhirubhai ambani gujarati


Sounds like a management answer book excerpt, trust me it is not. Most Gujratis are self made and are amazing examples of rags to riches. A Gujarati will never be ashamed of what he does and will equally respect what others do.




7) Self Starters.


mahatma gandhi dandi march


Gandhiji just marched out all on his own and a revolution followed. Explains much about how determined and iron willed Gujaratis are!



8) 101 ways to bargain like a Gujju !


gujju bargaining


Relax! They will never vent out their secret tricks. You must observe and learn. That’s the way it is.



9)  Malleable as molten wax!


chaalse bhaavse faavse


Just as water takes the shape of its container a Gujarati adapts himself to the change around. They embrace change if it is for the larger good and requires a small sacrifice because the bigger picture!




10) Amey toh aavaj che !

am to avaa j chiye

You can poke fun at them and they will join you without getting offended. But be ready for better comebacks ! Their sarcasm hurts real deep



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