10 Things That Make Gujarati Girls The Sexiest

The general notion around finding things sexy with a woman is related to her physique but for the smart headed ones, sexy isn’t just physical but behavioural. Beauty and physicality fades fast but character is immortal. So if you are a sapiosexual here are some more reasons to turn your sapiosexuality towards Gujarati girls





Following are the 10 Things That Make Gujarati Girls The Sexiest



1) Multi tasking Gujarati girls are born managers.


multitasking gujarati girls


Be it managing the house or work or both, they do it like a cakewalk. Not only do they do they manage it they always add their expertise to it. Kaam karta ane karavta emnej aavde !




2) Sharp straight forward-ness.


honest gujarati girls


Beating around the bush isn’t their thing. They speak their mind out. Because, it takes immense courage to not be diplomatic. Magaj ma je hoye e boli de, matha kut ochi!




3) Power house of optimism


gujarati girls are optimistic


No matter what they are bestowed with in life. They will always face it with a smile. How much ever times they hit the rock bottom, their head is always held high. Because in the end badhu barabar Thai aj jaye!


4) Unmatched street smartness.


smart gujarati girls


Gujju girls have street smartness infused in their veins. No matter what is the problem they will fix it in the smartest manner possible. They are the ones to approach with last minute problems, they won’t disappoint you. They speak volumes even without speaking. One look and it is done.




5) They carry the most confident aura.


gujarati girls confident


You can sense it even before they make an attempt to show it. Bolya vagar boley ej Garvi Gujaratan. Embodiment of culture. Just as the saying goes Jya jya vasey ek Gujarati tya tya sadakal Gujarat.





6) Gujarati girls are the cultural torch bearers.


gujarati girls cultural torch bearers


Where ever they are on the planet, they carry their culture with them. They are rooted while expanding their horizons.




7) Courage Zoners.


gujarati girls courageous


Challenges are their breakfast, lunch and dinner. Kai challenging naa hoye toh maja na aavey yaar. This feeling of thrill is what they look out for.




8) Saamanya buddhi Aka common sense.


gujarati girls


While some girls out there intentionally act dumb Gujarati girls just take a look and go “ bhagwaan buddhi vechta hata tyare huj ubhi ti line Maa” Let it go!




9) Chaalse, faavse ane bhaavse.


gujarati girls


What is the point in stressing upon minute things in life, we feel it is a total waste. Instead, letting it go and breathing deeply makes it more enjoyable.




10) People skills Aka vehvaarik samaj.


gujarati girls people skills


When it comes to handling relationships Gujarati girls are bound to win hands down. How they deal with a five year old and a seventy year old is truly remarkable. Trust me you won’t find it in every other girl!


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