10 Times Gujju Parents bombard with ” Amara Jamana Ma To .. ” Stories

Understanding  parents is the most difficult  task on the face of the earth.  It is a little more tricky with Gujju parents is what I feel.  Because every time you do something  unconventional it is not that they will out rightly deny but be ready for ” Amara jamana ma toh blah blah blah “. Read on to find out how out of nowhere this pops ups and you are left with  no comebacks whatsoever.





Following are 10 Times Gujju Parents bombard with ” Amara Jamana Ma To .. ” Stories


1. When you ask for 500 or more.



Because inflation is not a thing in their dictonary.  You have to learn money management their way. ” Amara jamana ma ame 500 rupiya ek mahino chalavta. “




2. If you ask for the car.



Along with amara jamana ma be ready to hear ” Baapo taatiya ghasi ne jaye,  ane seth ne gaadi joiye che! “




3. If you shop lot of clothes.



They will surely pay the bill along with ” ame toh be jodi kapda ma varsho kaadhi leta “




4. If you are a girl and you ask for a night out.



Be ready to hear this from your mommy ” mara pappa toh saanj pachi nikalvaa nata deta, aa tara papa saara che! “ yes i know he is my super dad




5. Wearing ripped jeans!



Because it isn’t a trend for them it will always be ” faatela lugda “ . Better not buy them and save yourself from the drama.





6. Fancy and expensive haircuts.



This one wins hands down.  Because emna jamana ma khali tapeli cut hatu. Sastu sundar ane tikaau.  All the fancy cuts will always be frowned upon.




7.  The concept of coffee shops.



Chaa ni Kitli is the ultimate cafe for them. And spending shit load of money on starbucks is not a thing. ” Amara jamana ma toh , ek chaa maa badha dostaro maja kari leta “




8. When you just pass and are all overwhelmed.



It is a celebration for you but what they are ready with is ” amara jamana ma toh 90% ma pan atla kudka nata marta,  khali pass thayo che besi ja chup chap “




9. If you forget to turn off the lights!



It is not a good thing we know but what is with ” pappa ne paisa nu jhaad nathi, ame toh rasta ni light ma kaam kari leta ! “




10.  Joining the gym.



17k just for some shaping of body?  “Amara jamana ma to gharna kaam karine patla thai jata ta,  nakhra che badha kaam nai karvana ! “



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