10 Types of Facebook Friends Every Gujju Has

We all have friends on Facebook whose online behavior leaves us amused, thrilled, sad, happy, excited or short of breath (due to excessive laughter). While a self-obsessed friend uploads only selfies throughout the day, another brings her copied jokes from Twitter. Some kaka puts up some God every other day or some maasi stalks the crap out of you and does chugli to your mom. We have a bouquet of them. Grab some chaas and read on and react! 😛





Following are 10 Types of Facebook Friends Every Gujju Has


1. Navrina Taggers.



They think they are ultra cool by tagging 100’s of random people, but what they miss out on is nobody gives a damn! Chill bro likes nai vadhey picture par, khali unfriend thai jais.




2. Param pujya self claimed baba.



This is that one person who wants to enlighten the world around with his knowledge which is of course dhaapofied! But anyways kaik saru toh kare che, like kari devanu, punya male.




3. Candy crush wala!



The should be blocked from facebook is what I feel. They just exist to send candy crush requests and gain lives. Get a life dude!




4. Photowala.



Now if you are thinking why did I not call them the “ Photographers” because they are not. Photawala j che, Ek DSLR lai lidho, potanu naam aney surname ena pachal photography nu watermark… Holaaa! A photawalo is born.




5. Selfie wala madam!



Nothing can stop them! Be it any place they will manage a selfie. Mane lage che aamna phone ma rear camera chej nai!





6. Gym wala bhai!



Even after months of going to the gym they still look like a suki laakdi, But posting a Mirror selfie with the caption “ Gains” is a rivaaj bro! It is the code dude! Give me a break!




7. Chamatkari posters.



Yes they are so annoying! Forget logic they do not even apply some common sense that koi picture like karva thi key share karva thi koino jeev nai bachey, doctor na haath ma che ane bhagwaan na! You chill bro e loka ne kaam karva de.




8. Premi pankidhaa ane PDA.



Yes we understand you are in love and you are getting married but what the hell it is with the idiotic countdown to your wedding, suhagraat, honeymoon, first shower sex, first baby and blah blah blah blah! Shanti rakho ne jarak!




9. Spammers!



6 Mahina ma ek vaar avsey facebook par ane gaam bhar na pictures naakhsey! *phew* How do you do it!





10. Fake Firang!



Ek week jase Nepal ane current city change kari nakhsey! Why show off bro and above all why show off Nepal! My watchman goes there every month sadly he doesn’t show off, poor good boy!



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