11 things Gujarati Parents say when you don’t Study

Parents say everything they can to make their kids study. From emotional blackmailing to sarcastic remarks to comparison with your cousins to bribery. Nothing can stop them from saying these things not even a 95% in the exam because there is always someone better. Listening as passively as we can, here are a few things that get on our nerves at times



Following are 11 things Gujarati Parents say when you don’t Study


1) “Jeevan ma kai banvu hoye toh bhani lo atyare”


jeevan ma kai banvu hoy to bhani lo atyare



2) “Bhani le, tara sara maate j kahiye che, Amney su”


tara sara maate j kahiye che




3) “Ambani nathi apdi Surname, Bhanvu padse”


ambani surname




4) “Jo kaka na chokra aakho divas bhaney che”


kaka na chokra bhane che




5) “Akho divas TV TV, Paper lakhva TV nathi aavanu”


paper lakhva tv nathi avanu




6) “Jo sara marks na aavya toh wifi kadhavi nakhis !”


wifi kadhavi nakhis




7) “Bhanvu hoye to kyai pan bhaney, streetlight ma pan”


street light




8) “Bhanvanu kaam avse nakkama dostaro nai”


nakkama dostaro




9) “Amney aatli facilities nati, toh pan bhani lidhu amey”


amne aatli facilities nati




10) “Bas bey varash mehnat kari le, Pachi aaram aj che”


2 varash mehnat kari le pachi aaram j che




11) “Jetlu dhyaan phone ma aapo cho etlu bhanva ma aapso toh top karso”


jetlu dhyan phone ma aapo cho etlu bhanvama apo



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