12 Annoying Questions Every JAIN Is Tired Of Answering

Nothing and Nobody can stop Indians from thinking that they “know it all” which leads to misconceptions about various issues. So is with Jains! Non-jains who think they know more about the religion than Jains are difficult to tolerate.

If you are a Jain you surely must have faced the utter dumbness of some non-Jains and their questions.



Following are 12 Annoying Questions Every JAIN Is Tired Of Answering !


1) “Tame Pakka Jain ke Kachha?”


pakka jain


It’s a way of life not some rural India project, Shut up!




2) “Saav fikku khavanu bantu hasey ne tamarey tya? Kanda, lasan, bataka vagar keu laage ?”


ghare aav khavdavu


Come over for a feast, get your answers!




3) “Aaj sudhi Maggi no masalo nathi khaadho?”


maggi no masalo


As if it is some intoxicant which will make the planet younger and happier!




4) “Paryushan ma ek divas choviyaar nai kare toh nai chale?”


mukko maaru


No the late night dinner is relatively less important than the festival, got it?



5) “Sing khavay? That is also underground no but?”


mane gusse na kar


Your burial ceremony is on my head if you pop such questions!




6) “Jain Egg/Chicken to khai sako ney? Kanda lasan vagarnu?”


tu bau stupid che


Thanks for your amazing show of stupidity!





7) “Upvaas ma su khavay?”


taru maathu


Taru mathu!




8) “Raatna khavanu nai, pan juice, ice- cream chaley?”


tu dumb che


You being so dumb, naa chaley!




9) “Keda ni kheti karo cho ke nai?”


keda na khay


Not everything is keda, can you just stop!




10) “Jain dish nathi, pan kanda, bataka kadhi nakh jain thai jasey!”


does not make any sense


How about making sense than useless opinions?




11) “Tara koi relative e diksha lidhi che?”


diksha lidhi


Your level of Nonsensical questions is improving!




12) Atthai karey che? Patla thava matey?


Annoying Questions Every Jain Is Tired Of Answering


Yes because paying for costly diet plans is too mainstream !



Do you have more such questions you are tired of answering to people ? Feel free to add in the comment section below 🙂


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