12 Common Dialogues used in every Gujju BHAI BEN Relationship

A brother- sister relationship is the most adorable love-hate bond in the world. Aakho vakhat ek bija jode jhagadse pan ek bija vagar ek minute chaalse nai. So go onto reading the dialogues that form a part of this bitter sweet relation. Do share it with your evil half.



Following are 12 Common Dialogues used in every Gujju BHAI BEN Relationship


1) “Hu moto chu etle”


hu moto chu


This is the only explanation to the orders a brother gives to his sister!




2) “Bhundi lagey che bhundi”


bhundi laage che


Even if you dress up like an elegant queen he will still say this!




3) “Jaadi ochu kha jarak”


jaadi laage che tu


Saying this at every party is his birthright.




4) “Papa ni sign kari dene, bhai”


pappa ni sign kari dene


He will ask for a zillion things in return of this favor.




5) “Maari vastu ne haath nai lagadto”


mari vastu ne haath na lagadis


And that will happen immediately .



6) “Raatna late aavis, Darvajo khol je phone karis!”


raatna late aavis


Now the sister rules!!!!





7) “Tu puch ne  ben, pappa ni chapli che tu”


pappa ni champli


Because he lacks the balls




8) “Vaal chod naitar batka bharis!”


batka bharis


The ultimate fight scene




9) “Eney chalu karyu tu, Vandra jevo!”


vandra jevo


And when mom sees it




10)  “Ben matey paisa nathi! Chokriyo matey che”


paisa nathi tara jode


Buying gifts for your girlfriend… you will go through this




11) “Bhai maney levaa aav, Jaldi!”


bhai mane leva aav


A sister has all the rights to make you her chauffer




12) “Vayi jais hu ek divas lagan kari ne, Jalsa kar je pachi!”


Common Dialogues used in every Gujju BHAI BEN Relationship


This will make your heart ache every time she says it






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