These 12 illustrations of father and daughter relationship will make your heart melt

We all know the love and affection a mother has for her kids however the love of a father towards his kids is sometimes under rated. Over and above his work life he makes sure he takes out time for his little ones.



There is a special bond between a father and a daughter and that is very beautifully shown by a young painter, Snezhana Soosh through her beautiful watercolor paintings on her Instagram account. These cute illustrations very well reflect how caring, kind, gentle and protective a dad is.


Here are 12 illustrations of father and daughter relationship will make your heart melt.



1) Like father, like daughter

Like father like daughter




2) Dad is always ready to protect his daughter.  Pachi e school na tofani chokrao thi hoy ke pachi bed ni niche chupayela bava thi 😛

dad protects daughter



3) He will try his level best to do things which may be very difficult for him like chotli bandhi apvi.




4) No daughter will be able to forget the happiness jyare dad emne khabhe uchki ne feravta.

khabhe uchki ne feravu



5) No mater how busy he is, he will always find time for “GharGhatta”




6) He’ll lose a game just to make them happy.

Lose a game




7) He’ll never lose his calm no matter emne ketlu bi heran karo 😛




8) He’ll accompany them in all the crazy games.

crazy games



9) He knows how to bring smile on their face.

bring smile on face



10) Remember different animals’ and birds’ shape he taught to make, using hand shadows on wall ?

hand shadows




11) And its always a sad moment for her jyare pappa bahar gaam jay 🙁




12) A father will be a daughters first man in life and the one whose love and affection can’t be matched by any other guy.

daughters first man



These amazing illustration are by Snezhana Soosh


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