12 Things That Happen During Diwali Ni Safai

Diwali holds the most important place in our hearts and our culture. Not only Gujarat but the entire nation is all charmed up during the night of Diwali. One thing that surely happens in a Gujarati family just before Diwali is “ saaf-safaai”. Diwali doesn’t feel like Diwali without the SAAF SAFAI. Here are a few things that surely happen during the Diwali Ni Safai !





Following are the 12 Things That Happen During Diwali Ni Safai


1) Endless yelling from Mummy.


kaame laago


She is on fire! Navrati just got over and she will be like “ Diwali aavi gai, kaame lagi jao badha ! ” like how? Time travel? What is with all the booma boom! Calm down Monica.




2) Daaku attire.


diwali safai


Diwali cleaning is all about bathing in dust. All the beauty queens of Navratri now look just like a daaku! Karvu pade, mummy ae kidhu che 




3) Finding things which were “lost”


finding lost things in diwali


This is the most amazing part of the Diwali cleaning. There is a 100% guarantee that you will find your most precious things which you thought you lost accidentally. This is also when you go up all bold to your parents saying “ me kidhu tu ghar maaj che ! ”




4) The fear of your secret stuff being exposed.


diwali safai fear


When your mom and the maid are on to cleaning the house like the cops are on to searching smuggled goods, it is a horror that you secret “stuff” might get exposed. So what most of us do is “ naa mummy ketlu kaam karis, tu revadey maro room ! ” Might not work always but.




5) Once your favorite t-shirt  is now a “POTU”


spiderman crying


During this time it is safe to put all your favorite clothes into the safety vault, out of the zone where mom can just grab onto your favourite cozy tee and make it a potu to wipe the wall. Kem ke Diwali ma mummy ne mataji avi jaye !




6) Division of labour!


diwali cleaning gujarati


Yes every family member becomes a degree holder in management. Suggestions based on who should be doing what never end. Poor little kids like us  are always forced to climb up the maaliyu and clean it *sob*





7) Losing a track of what was where.


gujarati shocked


Absolutetly! You get all the stuff out with all the vigor and then when it is time to put it back “ aa kya hatu ? Uhuhuh ! ” Many a times you might feel how the hell did so much fit into such a small drawer.




8) Re cycling of gifts received last year.


recyling gift diwali gujarati


Moms love this part. ( they love all the parts but still) The unattended non tempting gifts which could not make the cut into the house and went to the store room instead are now all out for mom to pick them and say “ aa navuj lagey che aapi daiye gift wrap karine ! ”




9) The mandatory gossip.


diwali gossip gujarat


It might seem like the most busiest and tiring days for moms and daadis but they  will somehow find time to call up all the maasis and kakis to discus “ thai gai diwali ni safai ? ”




10) Hotel ma jamvanu!


diwali ma bahar jamvanu


All the exhaustion from cleaning the mighty house is compensated by yummy meals in the restaurants. Atlo kharcho chaley, Diwali che!




11) Gaining extra money due to “ extra pasti”


diwali ma pasti ni kamani


Gujjus love collecting things just to give it out to the pastiwala. Apart from the normal pasti there is an extra pile of  “ pasti ma aapvanu che ”. Money Money  even before Diwali honey.




12) Aaah! The smell of cleanliness


post diwali cleaning smell


You may whine all the while during the cleaning but once it is done and the house looks spick and span that is when jumping into your bed with a cleaned bed sheet with fairy lights on your window gives the most wonderful sleep!



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