12 Times Gujarati Girls Are Told ‘Lagan Kari Le’ Out Of Nowhere

If you are born in a Gujarati family, this dialogue haunts you at every stage after turning 20. It is a misconception that it happens only at weddings, that is just one of the so many times we are bombarded with the terror of ‘lagan kari le”. It is always at the least expected times , right from the time you get your period to your marriage actually.





Following are 12 Times Gujarati Girls Are Told ‘Lagan Kari Le’ Out Of Nowhere


1. When you argue about your 10 PM curfew. “Lagan kari ne saathe aakhi raat rakkhadjo.”


lagan kari ne rakhadjo




2. Your wanderlust arouses and you wish to travel all over. ” koi naa nathi paadi, lagan karine jaje jya javu hoye jaa Jo”


lagan pachi jya javu hoy jajo




3. When you decide to quit your job and wait for a while to find direction. ” kari lidhu kaam? Have lagan kari le ! ”


i quit gujarati girl




4. When you forget Tupperware at office or college ” Javabdari leta kyare sikhse, lagan Thai jasey etle badhu bhaan aavi jasey “


gujarati girl bhuli gai




5. Settling Abroad is your dream but your parents see it as ” Tya magan Maama ni Ben no chokro engineer che, lagan kari leje, tya settle pan Thai javaase ! “


gujarati girl abroad settle




6. Of course when you turn 25 this is the dialogue even your kaamwali and security guard will tell you ” 25 ni thai ne ? Perfect umar che lagan ni”


gujarati girl lagan ni advice





7. When you want to join a gym because you have gained a considerable amount of weight ” Gharni javaabdari aavse, etle badhi charbi vayi jasey “


ghar ni jawabdari




8. X kaka’s Y Daughter’s are getting married and happy so all eyes turn to you ” Tu pan sansaar vasavi le “


sansaar vasavi le




9. Weddings are for food but if somebody finds you stuffing food down your throat they will surely say ” Lagan kari le dikra, Tara lagan ma jamvano laabh amne pan aap ! “


lagan ma jamvano laabh




10. Relatives coming over for a chaai but turn out to be matrimony agents ” Jo aa chokro, aani ahiya job, aatlo paisawalo che, Tane gamse ! “


paisawalo chokro




11. Of course pursue your higher studies. However, “Lagan kari le, pachi bhanti rehje ! “


lagan pachi bhanti reje




12.When you say you are clueless in life ” Lagan kari le ! “


lagan kari le



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