18 Types Of Gujju Friends We All Have

Friends are an inevitable part of our life, and having Gujju friends is a cherry on the cake . Some whom we will cherish for our entire lifetime and some whom we might love to not meet again but anyways all of them add mirch masala to our lives. Go ahead find out what kind of Gujju friends do you have.






Following are the 18 Types Of Gujju Friends We All Have


1) Khaudro



You might think they are into deep thought, but naa naa naa. Have mare su khavu ane kona maathi khaavu is their concern for life time.




2) Lukkho



They might call themselves as “calculative” but all if us know that deep down they crave for free stuff. Their slogan to live by is ” yaar wallet ghare bhuli gayo “




3) Babaaliyo



This person is always onto some idiotic babaal for no concrete reason at all. Koina thi bhulti dhakko lagi jaye they are all red with anger.




4) Loveriyo



Chokri joi nathi ke Mann ma lagan kari le. Every next girl passing is his girlfriend and our Bhabhi. Arranged marriage is their gateway even they know that.




5) Jhaankhaniyo



The real pain in the ass. Place, occasion, time are irrelevant to this person to do jhaakhanpatti ! 



6) Heroine



Stacking up with make up for no reason at all is their favorite pass time. And if you ask for a reason it will always be ” yaar snapchat ma saru dekhavu pade “




7) Bak-Bak champion



Kachar kachar pachaar pachaar chaluj hoye, they take the freedom of speech way to seriously. Kyarek maun vrat levadvu padey aa namunaao ney!




8)  Comedy Kalaakaar



The clown out there. They don’t even make efforts. Just one weird expression and everybody splits into laughter. They ensure the belly laughter around them.




9) Gambhir Maanas



The extreme opposite of the previous one. They might take time to speak even one line on the discussion, pan boley etle badha chup pachi. Better not mess with them!





10) Salaah suchan / Advisor



Our personal Arnab Goswami. Ek topic jovey bas, gyaan ganga chalu karva maatey. Irrespective of the fact that loko sambhley key nai.




11) Nakhra Queen



The drama queen, the epitome of being a wannabe.Is this girl. Loko eney pamper kare etle madam khush. God whyyy!




12) Sidho Saado



Jene undha joke white board par explain karva pade. Bholu baalak! But always on toes to help out everyone and that is why also gets bhaizoned a zillion times.




13) BPL ( Baap na Paise Leher )



The branded girl or guy. Doesn’t step into auto rickshaw only flies business class. Not because they made it on their own but because pappa no paiso che yaar! Jalsa karney



14) Bhagwan no Maanas



Mandir ni ghanti sambhlai nathi key naman karey. Then be it while riding bike, or doing the most weird act! They visit various temples according to days. Shanivarey hanumanji, mangalvarey ganpati and on and on




15) Bhaneshri



Chopdaa ma ghalai jaye! Exam nu time table aavyu nathi k tension chadhe. But still when you ask ketlu bhanyu they will always post the lie ” haji chopda nu modhu joyu pan nathi “




16) Panchaat



They suffer from obsessive panchat disorder. Kya kona kaka na chokra nu ketla mu lafdu che. They know it all or want to know it all!




17) Coupliya



Duinya ahiya ni tya Thai jaye. These peeps don’t care as far as they can be drowned into their personal ocean of love. Invitation aapvu padey k havey bas karo!




18) Coloriyo



Spotting them is no big a deal. Jhatak matak cover walo I phone kahdey etle samji javanu. All they care about is people looking at their not so appealing possessions and accessories.


Which of these are your friends 😛


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