Fan Movie Review

Fan  Movie Review

Fan Story: 

Gaurav, a huge fan of movie star Aryan Khanna, heads to Mumbai in order to wish his God a happy birthday. When things don’t go according to plan, Gaurav’s obsession with Aryan crosses the line.



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Fan Movie Review





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Hindustan Times Fan delivers what it promised in the trailers. Logic may not be its strong point, but Shah Rukh most definitely is; he’s back in his elements after a long time. It’s a total throwback to Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘90s avatars, but he once again shows how good he still is in that genre. 3.5/5
The Indian Express Fan is an out-and-out Shah Rukh Khan show, in which the star proves again, after a too-long gap, that he can greenlight roles completely out of his comfort zone, and deliver. Fan is a triumph. Shah Rukh Khan is played to all his strengths, and he plays it just right, gliding in and out of the star and the fan, creating distinct identities and outlines in one scene, and blurring the lines just so in the next. 3.5/5
Times Of India Straight away, no-one does freaky with more flair than Shah Rukh Khan – and Fan proves this. The movie takes you right back to the 1990s when Shah Rukh stormed Bollywood with a stammer, a pout and hooded eyes that looked at the world with hate. Back then, Shah Rukh thrilled with his mix of volatility and vulnerability – in Fan, he does it again. 4/5
Rediff What keeps this Fan going is SRK’s star power. The actor treads a delicate space in playing his own biggest supporter but also of the community he represents. He’s careful in his zeal, ensuring real-time fans don’t feel as though he’s mocking their affection just as he’s responsible in his response to such swaying attention.


Bollywood Life Make no mistake, this is SRK’s best film in the last five years, especially after the likes of Happy New Year and Dilwale. However, this could have been a much better flick, if the makers could have toned down certain sequences and made it a more realistic one. Nevertheless, watch the film because you wanted SRK to do something different, and he delivers exactly that! 3.5/5
NDTV A double dose of a Bollywood superstar intent on pushing himself into new zones as an actor makes for a passably watchable spectacle in Maneesh Sharma’s FanFan is proof that even if SRK isn’t 25 years old, he certainly has the kind of enthusiasm that might put many 25-year-old actors to shame. 3/5
Bollywood Hungama On the whole, FAN has a brilliant first half, but loses track in the second hour, only to pick up again towards the pre-climax. The writing should’ve been tighter, while the absence of music [it’s a songless film!] may also prove a stumbling block, but what works, and works big time, is the terrific act by SRK as the fan. And that’s enough reason for you to watch this thriller! 3.5/5




Fan Movie Official Trailer


Fan Release Date: April 15, 2016


Director: Maneesh Sharma


Producer:  Aditya Chopra ,Yash Raj Films


Shah Rukh Khan as Gaurav / Aryan Khanna
Waluscha de Sousa
Shriya Pilgaonkar
Deepika Amin as Gaurav’s mother
Yogendra Tiku as Gaurav’s father
Sayani Gupta


Genre: Thriller


Running time: 2h 24m



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