7 Reasons Why The Claimed New 1000 Rs Note is FAKE

new 1000 note


This image of New 1000 Rs note is doing rounds on internet since last few days and has gone viral. This has created a lot of confusion among people whether the image is real or fake. This image looks totally legit from the first visual glance but a more careful look at certain spots on this image says something else.





If we carefully look at this image and consider various unique features of 2000 Rs note, we can clearly see that this image is nothing but a PHOTOSHOPED version of the new 2000 Rs note.

fake new 1000 note


Following are the 7 Reasons Why The Claimed New 1000 Rs Note is FAKE:


1) Fake looking See through Register


see through register new bank notes

The purpose of see through register is to hold note against light and check authenticity of note. However the font/type face on the viral image of 1000 Rs note looks different than that of 500 and 2000 Rs new notes.




2) Same latent image for 45 degree angle viewing as on 2000 Rs note


latent image new notes

The latent image on the note when seen at 45 degree angle at the eye level, shows the denomination of the note. Here we see the claimed 1000 Rs note having same latent image as that of 2000 Rs note





3) Same micro letters ‘RBI’ and ‘2000’ as on 2000 Rs note


micro letters on new notes


The highlighted area is the space on 2000 Rs note where ‘RBI’ and ‘2000’ is written in micro letters. In the claimed new 1000 Rs note we see the same background.




4) Same pattern and quantity of circles/ flowers as on 2000 Rs note


circles on new notes

On the 2000 Rs note we can observe a specific pattern and quantity of circles/ flowers which comes in the unique feature of 2000 Rs note which is same in the claimed new 1000 Rs note.




5) Font / Typeface are different from new 500-2000 notes


font new notes


We can clearly see the difference in the font/ typeface on claimed new 1000 Rs note as compared to 500 and 2000 Rs notes. 



6) Same horizontal rectangle as on 2000 Rs note


shapes on new notes


This feature is for visually impaired. There is a raised printing of horizontal rectangle which is unique for 2000 Rs note. However in the claimed new 1000 Rs note we see same rectangle which cannot be the case.




7) Same number ( total 7 ) of angular bleed lines as on 2000 Rs note


angular bleed lines on new notes


This is another feature for visually impaired to recognize the denomination of notes. There is raised printing of 7 angular bleed lines on 2000 Rs note and we same same number of lines on the claimed new 1000 Rs note which cannot be the case.


Hence from all this we can clearly conclude that the 1000 Rs note is nothing but a photoshoped version of 2000 Rs note.


We don’t know whether Government of India will come up with new 1000 Rs note or not, but this claimed new 1000 Rs note image is 1000% fake. 


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