10 Signs You Are A True Gujarati

Evey culture  adds another vibrant color to the fabric of India.  There are many things which are peculiar  to one culture or state.  Be it the food,  dressing style or personality traits for that matter.  Just like that there are sure shot things which truly defines every Gujarati.  Go ahead vaacho ane share karo!





Following are the 10 Signs You Are A True Gujarati


1. All your buttons are pushed when somebody adds che or chu to every sentence.



Not cool bro!




2. You hate the gym because Garba burns calories faster and better!



Duh! It is not even a question.




3. Yelling “ Ae LAPETTTT “ ! Is the ultimate bliss for you.



Nothing is beyond that darling.




4. You can drool over all types of cuisines but nothing beats, Gujarati dishes !







5. Yes, you grew up more at your maama, maasi, kaka, fiya, bajuwali kaki’s place more than your own!



Family che yaar.





6. You gossip with your bestie about some random girl you stalked on Instagram for hours and end up with the signature “ java de aapde shu ! ”



Whatever, we were just talking duh!




7. You have that one kaka who still calls you lalu, chakudo, babudi, chakudi!



For heaven sake, I possess a name!




8. The word bitch is too main stream for you, JABRI is the word fellas.



Bohot JABRI he woh!




9. Nothing in the world scares you more than “ Aava de tara papa ne ! ” even today!



I would prefer death over this deadly encounter 😛




10. “ Traas che ” is the only reaction to anybody who gets on your nerves.



Nuf said! Anything happening beyond that maro vaank nathi ema.



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