10 Things A Gujarati Would Do Instead Of Buying An iPhone X

The new iPhone X  is expected to be priced at Rs. 89K for 64GB version, Rs. 1 lakh for 256GB version. With memes like “payment option of kidney to buy an iPhone X” doing the rounds on internet since the Apple iPhone X launch event, Gujaratis would rather have an altogether different approach towards it. Here are some of the useful things that a Gujarati will surely think of buying/doing instead of buying the iPhone with the same amount of money.



Following are the 10 Things A Gujarati Would Do Instead Of Buying An iPhone X


1) Buy gold !




Gold is one of the dearest investment avenue for any Gujarati and it is legit as well. An appreciating asset v/s a depreciating one with minimal resale value. Do the math ladies and gentlemen!




2) Buy bigger, better and cheaper Android phones.




Talking technically Android phones are much better alternatives at very reasonable prices. Why buy one phone when you can buy 4 and make the family happy

( and save money!)




3) Share Bajaar !




A whopping 90k- 1 lakh is just enough amount for a Gujarati to day trade and earn double the amount by the end. Nobody beats us in the share game!




4) Vyaaj par muki devana.




Sounds old school but this thought will surely cross a Gujarati’s head when he/she hears the price of the new iPhone X.




5) Several trips to Goa.




Goa might be over rated but it is surely on every Indian’s list. 90k – 1 lakh is more than enough money to stay lavishly with the best drinks around. Yes, dry state peeps!





6) Visit the distant kaka, maama and maasi !




Get your tickets done and enjoy staying with them for weeks. Vehvaar sachvai jaye! Something that phone wouldn’t guarantee.




7) Save it now so it will save you later !




Thinking a million times before spending our hard earned money is our thing. The value earned from an iphone is not satisfying to our “ Vaaniya buddhi ” Better save it lad!




8) Take the dream vacation !




One phone or several memories? Says it all!




9) Invest in an idea !




Business is a dear darling to Gujjus. 90k – 1 lakh Might not be enough to start off on a great idea but surely can be saved for one!




10) Luxury meals for a month !




Our taste buds need satisfaction more than the desire to show off. Checking into a luxury hotel is a fool proof tool to invite envy than the phone !


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