10 Signs Tamari Mummy Ne Thandi Laagvani Sharu Thai Gai che

The winter chills have set and it is probably the best time of the year. Chilling around at the tapri with hot tea is the best part of the day. Have thandi chalu thai che toh tamne lagse, badhane lagse. Pan savthi vadhare jo koine thandi lage then its our darling mother. Ema jo bhulti tame pote boila ke ” thodik thandi che aje, mummy! “ Pachi karo jalsa. Here are the signs of your mommy feeling cold except for everyone else.





Following are the 10 Signs Tamari Mummy Ne Thandi Laagvani Sharu Thai Gai che



1) You have to gulp the kadvo methi paak! 



God knows why, thandi chalu thai nathi ke 155 types na paak banavse !




2) God bless you if sneeze even once!



After all the sneaking around with ice cream and all the stuff mom said not to eat yelling on the phone if you even sneeze once it is her trump card to put all her winter lecture on you alag alag prakar na kadvaa kaadha sathey!




3) Wearing layers because bahar bau thandi che.



Even if it is a nice warm evening, you can not dare to deny her orders! She feels cold, you must wear layers, simple che!




4) Raatna ghar ni baar nathi javanu!



No means no. You beg, plead do whatever. Mommy wont let you step out of the house untill she is satisfied with covering your body under thick sweaters.





5) How dare you think of eating an ice cream.



Even if its her birthday and her favorite ice cream she will fist give a cold stare and a good shouting.  Then let everybody eat. Birthday che toh su, bimaar nathi padvu maare !




6) The Vandra topi.



This is a hot favorite. Even if you try and wear the most expensive head gear she will get the vandra topi on you saying “aama Garmavo reh”




7) 20 types of creams



The fact that she spend money on an expensive winter cream, the entire house has to utilize it. Ek drop pan waste na thavu joiye. Even if your skin isnt dry already apply it, naitar be ready for some emotional dialouge !




8) Ghee khajoor !



Who invented this combo must meet me in person for some methi paak. How the hell can we gulp raw ghee. Pan khavu padey kem ke thandi mummy ne lagey che.  Dhyaan rakhvanu *phew*




9) Ukaado!



If you are being served all types ot masala milk with a pinch of some herbs, definitely your mom is feeling that winter has arrived. So fellas brace yourselves haldar walu doodh is coming!




10) What the shaak!



Since winter is the time when all sorts of green veggies pop from the ground and hop at the market for dirt cheap prices. Expect paalak and what not to be made every alternate day. Just for the sake of ” thandi maa aava shaak khavana “ like other times the veggies will say no for entering my stomach.



No matter how cold or not cold it is you surely can not use the excuse ” mummy thandi che, aaje nathi naahvu “ velan aavse sidhu. She will take super extra precautionary measures to keep you warm but will not tolerate not bathing. Whatever is her logic we love her anyways! 😛


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