12 Reasons why Gujjus are Unbeatable at BUSINESS

Gujjus are Unbeatable at BUSINESS

Not all business men are created from the same blueprint. While there isn’t a foolproof map to being unbeatable at business. Gujjus surely are. Read on to find out why!

Following are 12 Reasons why Gujjus are unbeatable at BUSINESS !

1) Born with it, Born for it!

business no time che

Business is what is on a Gujjus head always! No matter what is the current life scenario they will always aim to make it big on their own. “Kaik motu karsu” is the thought every time!

2) Go – Getters


Gujjus are always ready to get out there and do whatever it takes to survive. This does involve making a fool out of oneself 100 times but they successfully make the cut and that is what business is all about!

3) They Just do it!

je thase joyu jase

Safety nets are for the meek and vulnerable. The risk appetite of Gujjus is just perfect to make it big in business because success rarely comes from playing it safe!   Je thase joyu jase “

4) The thirst for bigger and better!

dream big

Most people tend to sit back and rest upon their laurels if they think they nailed it. But gujjus will always be on the toil to make it better. They believe the biggest room in the world is the room for improvement.

5) They knock down the opportunity door.

door knocking

Even a layman can make the most out of an existing opportunity. Going out there exploring  potential business ideas is what makes gujjus truly unbeatable at business.

6) Delegation is in their genes.

gujju delegation

Even as toddlers Gujjus knew what role suited what person during games. They can bring out the best from others through their astounding communication skills.

7) Awesome listeners

gujaratis are good listeners

Seeking opinions from various people is the master key to save money and more importantly time in business. Gujjus will keep their pride aside and listen if the discussion is a game changer. “Gujarati puchvama sharam na rakhey!”

8) Part ways when needed.

value creator gujaratis

Business ventures with another person, be it a friend or partner don’t always work out. Gujjus exactly know when to cut ties but that does not mean they burn the bridge. They handle problems head on and end the relation on good notes.

9) Change and challenges? Always accepted!

challenge accepted gujarati

Nothing lasts forever. Gujjus are always prepared to adapt and are not nostalgic about what their business was but they focus on what can it be now and further!

10) Modesty is the best policy!

gujarati ironman captain america mota manas

Being bossy is not desirable in today’s era. A gujju will always reply with “Naa ame toh nana manas!” even if he has made it big!

11) Giving up isn”t in their blood!

gujarati haar na maane

They are the embodiment of optimism and perseverance. Aaje nai toh kaaley, badhu thaij jasey.

12) Dignity of work!

dhirubhai ambani gujarati

Gujjus don”t mind doing unconventional jobs to reach their goal. From selling bhajiyaas to making billions, Dhirubhai speaks volumes about our values!

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