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Interesting Facts about Left Handed People

In Indian households, the elders always insist on having food with right hand. They consider it inappropriate to have food with left hand. Not just having food, kids who are born left handed are often asked to do several other tasks such as performing Pooja, accepting Prasad and even writing with right hand only.

We at Garvi Gujarati believe that any work should be done with sincerity and right method, irrespective you do it with right or left hand. It is to be noted that there are many big celebrities in India who are Left Handed, like Sachin

Tendulkar, Amitabh Bachchan, Ratan Tata. Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi too is a lefty. We can make a very long list of important personalities across the world who are left handed.

In this post, we are sharing with you some interesting facts about Left Handed people.


Left Handed people, are better at multi-tasking as compared to right handed people


It has been observed that majority of premature babies are left handed


Left Handed people are more intelligent as compared to right handed people


Left Handed kids are prone to disorders like Dyslexia and Stuttering


There are more left handed males than left handed females


Left Handed people are prone to allergy, migraine and insomnia


On the positive side, left handed people have a lower prevalence of arthritis and ulcers.


Hair growth among left handed people does not follow any specific pattern. Among right handed people, hair growth occurs in clockwise pattern


Left handed people mostly chew the food on the left side, whereas right handed people chew the food on right side


If a woman delivers a child after attaining the age of 40, there is a very high probability that the child will be left handed


Only 10% of human population is left handed


As per one study, women who undergo lot of stress during pregnancy, have higher chances of giving birth to a left handed baby


Left handed people are good at reading maps, remembering routes and managing commutation – to and fro – unknown locations

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