10 Things Gujju Girls Say While Bargaining

Bargaining comes naturally to Gujaratis. Even if it’s a matter of just 10 Rupees, there is something special about getting a bargain. After all, who doesn’t love a good deal? It’s almost like a purchase doesn’t feel right if you didn’t have to fight for the price to be lowered and got a few bucks knocked off. Jamvanu pachey nai sarkho bhaav karavya vagar! Always remember it is less about the money more about the way we feel after getting a good bargain!





Here are 10 common Things Gujju Girls Say While Bargaining. And the best part is they never fail.



1. “ Are maara bhai, mari friend kalej lai gai aa t-shirt, ardha bhaav ma ! ”



Yes, my imaginary friend.




2. “ Bajuwali dukan ma toh 150 ma maley che, kai pan nai bolo ! ”



We know the shops neighborhood better than the shopkeeper. Huh!




3. “ Hu ane maari badhi ben tamarij dukaan maathi  kapda laiye che, tamey amne olakhta nathi? Chalo sarkho bhaav lagaado!”



“Lair lair bums on fire” 😛




4. “ Atlu shaak lidhu che, sarkho masalo aapo, limbdo, marcha ney badhu nakho ! ”



Free no masaalo after buying vegetables is our birth right 😛



5. ” kaka atla varash thi tamari dukaan maaj aaviye che, thoduk toh maan rakho! “



Even if the shopkeeper says he opened the shop three months ago still we will bargain in this way 😛





6. “ Nathi joitu rehva do, ek bhaav pakdi ne thodi besai kai ! ”



Your product we rule!




7. “ Aa top ma bijo colour nathi ? “



Mane aa colour nathi gamto toh pan lauchu, paisa ocha karo!




8. “ Aa jovo uncle wallet, khali 200 rupya che, aapvu hoye toh aapo ! ”



All time gareeb!




9. “ Atlaj pasia aapis tamne ? Aapvu hoye toh aapo ”  



* fake walking away*




10. “ Chalo kaka tamaru nai maru, 100 ma aapi do. ”



And we win and walk our way through with head held high. The bargaining queens.



Have more such dialogues in your mind ? Feel free to add them in the comment section below 😛


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