12 Things You Should Never Expect From A Gujju

Living in a society which is ruled by unwritten laws of social conduct. There are certain thing which are expected out of everybody around. However, the Gen Y rebels are taking no nonsense form the society and making their way through life the way they want it.  Isn’t this  What exactly Gujjus are ? We are known to take the road less traveled and make a mark.





Following are the 12 Things You Should Never Expect From A Gujju


1. Being diplomatic.



Beating around the bush is just not our thing. We speak our hearts out. You like it or not. Man ma je hoye ej boliye. Take it or leave it.




2. Not saying “ chal party aap ! ”



We do not need some extravagant reason to ask for a party. A small break up is enough for is to ask for the party! Come on we just lighten up the party we know, you better give us one!




3. Refraining from street food.



Like how can someone not be attracted to the slurpy street food! Don’t you give us the “cleanliness” and “hygiene” crap! Restaurant kitchens are more messed up. Rastaa par khavanu, sastu, sundar aney chatakedaar,




4. Not counting cash out of an ATM



We can not trust the ATM! Given a fact that we count money faster than those fancy counting machines, ATM you need to level up to gain our trust.




5. Ending a party without doing Garba.



Garba nahi kiya toh kya kiya! If doing all the non sense is permitted under the pretext of being drunk, then why not Garba, that is our drug bitchess!




6. Doing Anything for free.



There aren’t any free lunches! Not saying we think of monetizing everything. Once in a while its ok, But if you go on to expecting that you will be our guest for a month and have free food, sorry dear you might face bombs of sarcasm and cold stares.






7. Being dumb.



Nah! Just not us. The kind of people skills and vehvarik gyaan we posses. It’s hard to find honey!




8. Just a few packets of wafers for a half day trip.



Like how! Bhuk toh lagey yaar! And the famous “ nashta no thelo ” comes into picture and is stuffed with what not! We make sure the entire bus feeds on our food. Not kidding.




9. Not being a marketing pro!



As the saying goes ” we can sell ice to Eskimos ! ”  Bolva ma amne koi naa pohche. If we trust something with out heart and soul we will swim oceans to make sure it works out.




10. Taking themselves too seriously.



You can crack a zillion jokes on us without the fear of us being offended. We know how to take them. But, once you cross the line. Be ready for some ass kicking comebacks.




11. Ordering two soups for the two on a date.



So what if it is a date. One by two is forever. Don’t you know that? Ame j toh invent karyu one by two!




12. The lack of “ vaniya buddhi ! ”



This ain’t happening. Whatever we do we always ensure that nothing takes us into losses. Even if we are in a 9-5 we ensure that our entrepreneurial skills don’t die or fade out. Potanu kaik toh karsuj!


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