11 Things that Happen when you are an Elder sibling in a Gujarati Family

The day your sibling entered the world, was the day you lost all your freedom. Apart from the perk of being bossy nothing is fancy about being the elder one. From being tortured to share your favorite ice cream with them to giving them everything they want from your cupboard.  Here are a few things every elder sibling goes through in a Gujarati family





Following are 11 Things that Happen when you are an Elder sibling in a Gujarati Family


1) Your sibling is always the “ Bicharu ”




Like how do they do it. Be it the biggest mistake ever they will just get away with it with a little sobbing. Huh! Radiney raaj raakhe.




2) No matter what happens to them “ te dhyaan kem na rakhyu ”


taaro vaank che


If they implant a bomb somewhere in all their senses it is the elder sibling who is at fault. Bohot naainsaafi he!




3) You have to constantly hear “ tu samaj ne, tu moto/moti che ! ”




Whatever is the topic of an argument. Even if the younger sibling scratches your skin off! Samajvanu toh mota ej!




4) Your siblings get  everything way too earlier.


baby on phone


You were given a cell phone that too a keypad phone after 12th and your sibling will have the latest one by the time they are 12! You had deadlines now they don’t!




5) “ Duniya bhar ni sikhaman ” is valid only for you.




All the gyaan that your parents have in store is only for the elder one. Somehow we have to always act mature and responsible! *phew*





6) You have to baby-sit them at some point.


baby sitting


Canceling all your plans you have to “ dhyaan rakhofy ” of the little demons, because if you don’t “ sathe lai jaa tari ! ” which is a complete nooooooo!




7) Nobody helped you with your homework.




You cried and cried and cried because your parents forgot all the math and you were all on your own exam ni ek raat pehla. Your siblings on the other hand irritated you all night with their exam doubts.




8) If the younger ones make mistakes “ Haji naani/naano che ! ”


e haji naano che


Even if they are 25 years old!




9) Your things are always robbed by them.


younder sibling stole clothes


There is an unwritten rule, if you lend something to the younger ones expect it to never comeback and if something from your closet is missing, it is in theirs. “ puchvanu su havey ema, lai lidhu me ” is their comeback.




10) You love telling them “ hu moto/moti chu!”


older sibling


This is the best part. Whatever is going on saying this brings immense joy and a feeling of superiority!




11) Younger siblings are the biggest “ chuglikhors”




They promise to keep your secrets ( not like you told them your secrets, but they spied on you ) but then will always torture you with “ mummy ne kai dais badhu taru ”



Ps. We love you like we hate you 😛

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