12 Weird Things Gujarati Girls Do When They Are Alone

Everyone does weird stuff when they’re alone – and if you try to deny it, we’ll all know you’re a liar too! When you have your own room and no one to worry about, you’re bound to act funnily. This is the time when you are what you are because there is nobody to judge you. Ganda veda aava time par aj toh kadhai. If you do it otherwise people might have some issues. So check out tamey ketla gaanda kahdya che. Make yourself  guilt free because we all do it. Enjoy!





Following are 12 Weird Things Gujarati Girls Do When They Are Alone


1. Try and perfect the Ram-leela Garba steps!



You wanted to do this since you saw Deepika perfect it so well. E kari sake toh hu to karij saku! But as we all know how twisted they are, doing them alone is the best way to avoid all the dhakka mukki during Navratri.




2. Put on the sexy chaniya choli which you wanted to click pictures since forever.



Bought one pair pan pachi mummy ae naa padi pehervani ? Hola! This is the time. Time to look fabulous AF and heat up your news feed.




3. Make the YouTube recipes and hope for the best!



Even if you aren’t the cooking girl, you will always want to make that one recipie which you thought “ aree aa toh chapti vagadine banavi lau!” well, badha ne khabar che aagal su thavanu che!




4. Cry over senti vidaai scenes which otherwise you don’t.


You may laugh on your mom when she cries over the vidai melodrama on TV . But, if you stumble upon one while alone, Ganga jamuna koi nai roki sake. This is the time every Gujju girl sobs her heart out because one day, maare pan javu padsey!




5. Put on music and start the Mataji dance



Somebody who denies to this point, is a lair. Every one of us does this. Ganda jevu music lagaavi ne maataji ni jem madi padvanu dance karva. Jovawalu koi nathi! Aee halo.




6. Not taking bath because ghare koi nathi.



Maand maand nahava thi chutkaro malto hoye. Why even make an effort to get up and balance hot and cold water. Rehva de bau kantalo aave che. This might go on for days mind you! hahahha…





7. If you hop in the shower, be kalaak paaka!



Jo antar aatma jaage ane thodi iccha thaye nahavani, Prolonged showers are bound to happen. From bathroom singing to deep conditioning our hair or just lying in the bubble bath. No more questions.




8. Try all the jag mag stuff from the wardrobe.



Wearing a silver golden dress or ultra jag mag earrings or anything which we bought thinking “ oh my god it is so classy!” But turned out to be shabby and non appealing. This is the time fellas




9. Stalk random people because PANCHAAT.


Kai kaam dhandho nathi evu nathi okay! Even if we are alone we have a list of people whom we must stalk and gather some gossip. In fact our stalking skills level up when we are all alone!




10. Stacking up with make up because girls!


It hurts when you can not do all that make you want your way, everyday. So this is when we stack up the boldest eye shadow and lipstick and just decorate ourselves for the imaginary red carpet event.




11. Chant Hanuman Chalisa.


Staying alone is not all roses okay, Dar laage bau badho! Yes we do this as well even if the sound is of our own breath.




12. Drink, watch and eat anything and everything!



If you know what I mean. *wink* Just ensure you enjoy the hell out of all the hogging and drinking. The entire house is yours baby!



Do you have any other things that you do when you are alone ? Feel free to add it in the comment section below


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