10 Reasons Why Your School Friends Are Your Pakka Dostaro

Reasons Why Your School Friends Are Your Pakka Dostaro

You have probably shared your dirtiest secrets with them and you still do that without any fear. School friends are the best of all. Having spent a major part of your childhood with them makes them even more special. They have seen you at your complete best and your extreme worst , yet they love you with all their heart. Here are a few reasons why your school friends are your pakka dostaro. Hamesha, hamesha maatey!





Following are the 10 Reasons Why Your School Friends Are Your Pakka Dostaro


1) They have seen your “ babuchak ” side.




Hair oiled and combed so strongly that even storms would fail to move them, these guys were tolerating you.  Even if you were a hideous monster they told you that “ tu toh ekdam maal laage che yaar ! ”




2) They have been the witness to all your inappropriate drama.


gujarati drama queen


Be it breaking up with your boyfriend/ girlfriend for the millionth time or your first period, they were there for you doing what they best could. Teasing! Till date badhaa nakhra khali school friends j jheli sakey.




3) They are all set to Murder you for not answering their calls !


phone kem nathi upadto


A scene where others would just stop calling thinking you were busy. School friends call up 100 more times and yell “ Phone upadta su jor pade che topa, kya mari gyo toh ? ”




4) They know all your not so dirty secrets.


gujarati secret


Forged your parents signature? Stole money from dad’s wallet? Got a crush on the teacher? They know it all.  So There is no point being all uptight with them because they will fire back with “ te su kaand karya che amne j khabar che ! ”




5) They don’t judge you.


gujaratis dont judge


Being friends for more than a decade they know every inch of your body. So if you are pretentious at times they will surely understand koiney pataavu lagey che!





6) They know how much of a Khaudro/ Khaudhri are you.




How much ever you pretend that you are cutting on carbs, they have seen you hog like a wolf, burp like a buffalo and belch like a pig. There is no room for “ hu diet par chu ” with them.




7) They can read your mind!


school friends gujarati can read mind


You can not deny this one! There are a zillion instances when you guys say the same thing at the same time and then just feel so proud of your telepathic connections saying Aapda jevu koi nai yaar!




8) They know you more than your Girlfriend/ Boyfriend.


hu tane sari rite odkhu chhu


Obviously! So many years of togetherness have made them dangerous encyclopedias of thing you would want to keep away from your loved ones. Do not mess with them. “ kai dais badhu tari item ney ! ” is their eternal dhamki!




9) Your parents are theirs and theirs are yours !


dahyi jabri


Your parents will always find them to be the most “ daahya ” even if they have a dangerous track record. Their parents in turn treat you like their own child or even more than that.




10) They are family, duh!


school friends are family


School friends are the “ be yourself zones ”.Being  Non-judgemental and all opend up is what decades of friendship has done to them.  There are times when you bring them down the priority list but you know they will understand because “ ghar jevu j che yaar ! ”


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