10 Things Every Gujarati Does During NAVRATRI

Things Every Gujarati Does During Navratri

Gujaratis love Navratri just like Joey loves food! Nothing can stop us from celebrating these nine nights in the most spectacular manner. Here are a few thing that every Gujarati around the world goes through During Navratri. You can not but agree! Check it out




Following are 10 Things Every Gujarati Does During NAVRATRI


1) Paas no jhol!


navratri na paas


Calling that one friend whom you don’t talk with the entire year but call up a week before navratri without fail because “ Enu setting che!”




2) Shop around yet again!


navratri garba shopping


A gujjju can never have enough of chaniya choli or kediyas. “ Last year wala toh badha ae joy ache!” is always the shopping excuse!




3) Take informal garba classes!


informal garba class


Teaching Garba to non gujju friends is total fun. Most of the times you will end up hearing “ simple garaba sikhvaad!”




4) Hogging!


eating in navratri


We are gujjus and food is our BAE! Hogging before playing garba and then taking long rides post garba to hogg even more “ Jalsa toh ahiyaaj che!”




5) Abandoning friends to do garba with a crush!




Finding ways and means to play besides your crush and then matching steps, something every Gujarati must have done. Get ready to be beaten up with sarcasm by your friends post that night.





6) Terrorizing a GUJJU friend who doesn’t do garba!


garba nai thay


“ Gujarati thainey garba nathi aavadta aaney! Huh”




7) Hitting people Accidentally!




Intentionally hitting that one person who is out of tunes in order to get rid of him! But still saying “ Sorry ha!”




8) Mission : free water!




Buying bottles of water at 50 bucks does pinch a lot when you get only one sip and the bottle goes around just to disappear and you have to buy again! “ Ek kaam kar tu lai le, paisa aapi dais pachi” is the trapping statement




9) The IODEX time!




Finding and applying iodex the morning after the first night of garba because “ Hinch vadhare levai gayi yaar!”




10) Open the encyclopedia of lies.


Things Every Gujarati Does During Navratri


Post such amazing nights , office is just too much of a reality shift! So thinking of a zillion lies to bunk office next morning, every Gujju does it!


Get ready for Navratri 2016 !!!! 🙂

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