20 Typical Dialogues of a Gujju Girlfriend

Dialogues of a Gujju Girlfriend

Love is a profoundly tender affection for another person which eventually leads to ending into ones own happiness :P. If your prayers have been answered and you are bestowed with a girlfriend. Good luck buddy! Apart from the daily ‘kya che?’ ‘Su karey che?’ ‘Kem atlo late aavyo tu?’ following are a few out of the zillion things you will hear from your Gujarati girlfriend.

Following are 20 Typical Dialogues of a Gujju Girlfriend

1) The day usually starts with..

“ Hu kevi lagu chu? Sachu bol je!” Do not be honest. You definitely know what to say!

hu kevi laagu chhu

2) When she is dead serious about taunting you..

“Are hu majak karti hati!”

hu majak kartiti

3) When she is not at all angry!

“Naa hu gusse nathi, ek vaar kidhu samaj nathi padti tane?”

samaj nathi padti

4) When she is stuck with technology..

“Haa mane na sikhvaad, aavde che badhu”

mane avde che badhu

5) and when she is still stuck with technology!

“Please mane help kari de.” *Mandatory puppy face*

please help kar

6) If you gather the guts to criticize her cooking..

“Vadhare bol nai, easy nathi banaavu! Bau taklif padti hoy to banaai le jaate j!”

easy nathi

7) when you forget that you can not end a conversation only she can!

“Ketli vaar ek reply karta?”

ketli vaar ek reply karta

8) When she needs more compliments and praises..

“Tu mane aatlo prem kem kare che?”

tu mane ketlo prem kare

9) On deciding where to eat..

“Tane jyaa khavu hoye tya” And hands over a list of restaurants she dislikes which you probably like.

tane jya khavu hoy tya

10) If she posts a picture with a guy..

“Khali saro friend che maro, stop doubting!”

khali saro friend che

11) If you get along with a girl..

“Peli vandri jode bandh kar farvanu!”

peli vandri

12) Of course the eternal



13) When you gather the courage to ask for “SEX”

“ Su jaldi che, we are together forever!”

PS. It’s a trap

no sex

14) The reason why she gets fat but doesn’t accept it!

“Mane chocolates lai aap ne.”

chocolates laavi aap

15) When you are out with your friends..

“Thodik vaar vaat karne please”

vaat karne

16) And the talks continue..

“Naa tu phone muk pehla”

phone muk

17) The question which can make or mar your life !

“ Aaje shu che yaad che tane?”

yaad che aje su che

18) When she asked to call her and you are tired..

“Vaat nathi karvi toh mane phone kem karyo te?”

phone kem karyo te

19) When she decides to be your wardrobe critic..

“Aa keva kapda perya che te?”

aa keva kapda peherya che te

20) And it ends with

“Tu badlai gayo che, uhuhuhuhuh”

tu badlai gayo che

PS: Gujju Girls are best ones to date 😛 😉

If you know more such dialogues, share in the comment section below 🙂

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