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Health Benefits of Gooseberry (Amla)

There are many health benefits of consuming Amla. Ranging from regularizing the digestive system to generating cooling effect in the body, Amla has multiple health benefits. You may consume fresh or dry Amla, both are equally effective.

8 Health Benefits of Gooseberry (Amla)


Crush Amla with ‘Besan’ (Gram Flour) and use it as a scrub. This will give you a soft skin.


Amla juice is considered to be extremely beneficial in improving the eyesight.


Take few slices of Amla, crush it in water and apply it on the face. This will help in removing black spots on the face.


Soaking crushed Amla powder in an iron utensil and thereafter applying it on hair helps to prevent grey/white hair.


Having crushed Amla powder before going to bed helps in preventing constipation.


It is recommended that diabetes patients should consume 1 spoon of Amla along with 1 spoon of honey, each.


For not just diabetes patients, Amla is equally beneficial for blood pressure and heart patients as well.


Consuming Amla regularly also helps in getting rid of digestive system related problems such as Gas and Acidity.

It is to be noted that Amla is full of Vitamin C, which itself has several health benefits.

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