Anu Malik’s name once again surfaces in #MeToo | This time Neha Bhasin speaks about her Bad Experience

Anu Malik MeToo

Last year, under #MeToo campaign, music composer Anu Malik was accused of sexual misconduct by singer Sona Mahapatra and Shweta Pandit. Commenting on a recent tweet by Sona Mahapatra, Singer Neha Bhasin too has accused Anu Malik of misbehaviour.

Singer Sona Mahapatra had tweeted that, does our country need ‘Nirbhaya’ – type incident to wake up? To this, Neha Bhasin wrote, “I agree with you. We live in a sextist society. Anu Malik is a predetor, i too have run away from his strange moves when i was 21. I didn’t let myself get into a sticky situation beyond him lying on a sofa in front of me talking about my eyes in a studio.” Neha Bhasin further wrote that, she got herself out of this uncomfortable situation by saying that her mom was waiting outside. After that, Anu Malik called and messaged her, but she did not revert.

Neha Bhasin had actually gone to meet Anu Malik for handing him over her CD and was hopeful that he would give her a chance at singing after listening to her voice. Expressing her anger, Neha mentioned that such incidents raise safety related questions for girls and especially for those girls staying away from their families. She believes that perverts are present everywhere – within and outside the industry.

Last year, after #MeToo allegations were levelled against Anu Malik, he was removed as a judge from ‘Indian Idol 10’. However, it was quite shocking to see him return as a judge this year in ‘Indian Idol 11’.

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