12 Reasons Why We Gujaratis Are So Unique

Reasons Why We Gujaratis Are So Unique

We Gujaratis are different. It’s not just the physical attribute but our unique traits that make us one of our kinds. There are plenty, but we have listed down a few quintessential Gujjus traits for you. Nevertheless, one thing is for sure, nobody but a Gujju surely embodies immense love, generosity and care. Pan baka taklif toh rehvani j! 😛 Read and enjoy

Following are the 12 Reasons Why We Gujaratis Are So Unique

1. The “kaam laagse” khavanu.

Bhale ek divas ni j trip hoye, khavanu toh ek aakho thelo bhari ne j lai javano! Because somewhere some monster will enter our bodies and we will eat that all up.

2. Desi Gaado

Ketli pan moti school ke university ma bhanya hoye bau gusso aave tyare “Ae Ghelsappa” toh nikli j jaye! It is therapy at times!

3. The grand Farewell!

Bahar bhanva bhale ek cousin jaye, see off karva toh family na 20 loko jase j, no matter what! More people equals ala grand see off which results in the person hugging people goodbye for an hour before actually going!

4. Mummy na missed calls!

Agar apde bija shaher ma hoiye ane divas na 8 phone mummy na kare, toh apde tension ma aavi jaiye! What is wrong with her will be our first thought! Or probably right ????

5. Lahri nu bhojan!

We thrive on street food because nothing is more chatakedar than that! The best part is our system is so immune to that food kaik healthy khai liaye toh pet ma gadbad thai jaaye

6. Diwali ni safai

Monica Geller must attend Diwali special cleaning classes from our Gujju moms! Kaik saru j sikhine jashe!

7. The Elizabeth crockery set

No matter where you are, if you are a Gujju your house will surely have that one crockery set which is buried under layers of dirt, gets cleaned every Diwali and is put back but never gets used, you know why? Queen Elizabeth jeva mehmano mate sachvine rakhva ma aave che!

8. The only reason we love guests : paisa

The source of income in your early childhood, the spur of joy after serving ten plates of nashta to the stupid guests, yes it is the money they give to us while leaving and our moms happily refuse to it by saying “ have chokrao mota thai gaya, na hoye” huh!

9. Java de apde shu!

The most amazing justification we give for our hours of panchaat is fabulous. Apde kya koine kai kevu che, aato khali vaat che! Baki apde su *gossipwali wink*

10. Gymming for an hour is tiring but Garba all night is not.

Why will it be man, Garba is an amazing combination of wearing good clothes and drenching them in sweat and yet look fab! Infact Garba is our work out, aakha varash ni calories 9 divas ma gayab!

11. Single fare ma round trip!

If you haven’t done this ever please try it right away, Gujjus are pros at this. Too much talent we got!

12. Kaka bau monghi vastu rakho cho!

Bargaining is our birthright, fixed rate shop ma toh khaas bhaav karavano. Its not just bargaining it is the ego boost that matters!

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