10 Pieces Of Advice Every Gujarati Mom Gives To Her Girl

Advice Every Gujarati Mom Gives

Moms are moms, they surely have a PhD in giving free consultancy services. On top of that Gujarati moms nail it every time. Doesn’t matter what time of the day it is, she is there 24*7 to give her advices. Ungh ma nathi bolti, that’s a boon. At the end of the day we know she is right and will always be!





Following are theย 10 Pieces Of Advice Every Gujarati Mom Gives To Her Girl


1) ” 25 ni thayi, lagan kari le. Saro chokro nai male pachi, samaj jarak ! “


mare nathi karva lagan


Sure mom, you do know the sex ratio of the entire world.




2) ” Potana na paisa aave tyare udaavje ha ! “


paisa udaavje


Of course mom!




3) ” Loko ne jamvanu naseeb nathi hotu, khata sikhi ja badhu ! “


mane nathi bhavtu


Kobi nu shaak? Really !




4) ” Chaa bau nai pivani, kaali Thai Jais “


fair and lovely


That is why fair and lovely makes huge revenues in Gujarat. Right?




5) ” Ajanya loko pase thi khavanu nai leti ha ! “


mane khabar che


Mom I am 21 ! Relax.





6) ” Bau taiyaar thaine nai jati, najar lagi jase ! “


kajal lagavyu che


Kajal lagaavyu che don’t worry!




7) ” Ketli vaar samjavanu, have tu Moti thayi dikra ! “


hu haji nani j chhu


I am a child at heart, don’t you know mommy!




8) ” Chokri ni jem besta seekh “


na mummy


No! No! No!




9) “Atyare nai khabar pade, Moti thais tyare khabar padse ! “


moti thais pachi khabar padse


How old exactly ? Mom.




10) ” Maa sahan Kare, biju koi nai karey ! “


i love mom


Love you mom! ๐Ÿ™‚



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