10 Reasons Why Gujaratis Believe In taking Risks Than Playing It Safe

Reasons Why Gujaratis Believe In taking Risks


Risk implies future uncertainty about deviation from expected outcome.

Gujaratis are considered to be big time Risk Takers be it in business or any other aspect of life. Risk taking is our second nature and there are legit reasons to live like that. You will always find Gujaratis risking it big time to achieve things in life. And to be honest IT WORKS !!!

Following are the 10 Reasons Why Gujaratis Believe In taking Risks Than Playing It Safe

1) You only live once

jeevan ek jalso che

Life is once and we have limited finite seconds of existence. We Gujaratis truly believe in making most out of our lives. And to achieve that taking risks is inevitable. We truly believe that “ Jeevan ek Jalso che ”

2) No risk no Reward

gujarati risk takers

We Gujaratis know the fact that risk is a double edged sword. However it is that risk taking which can fetch huge rewards. “ Jeevan ma kaik medavvu hoy to risk to levu j pade ”

3) Monotony is Boring

gujarati love change

We Gujaratis hate MONOTONY. Risks are engines of Change. A Gujarati would rather fail “N” number of times in business than do a so called “secured job”. “Kaik navu kariye yaar” is always on our mind which leads us to taking risks.

4) Eternal Hope

gujarati hopeful

We Gujaratis are a bunch of extremely hopeful beings. We truly believe that at some point “ badhu barabar thai j jase ” which pumps up our intention to take risks.

5) No Fear of Failures

gujarati dont fear failure

We know that some failures are not the end of world and we take failures quite sportingly because “ aaje nai to kaale aapdo danko vaagse j ”

6) Setting

gujarati nu badhe j setting hoy

The ultimate skill of “ setting is hard wired in our genes. We know that even if things don’t turn out the way we expected we have our own ways to get things sorted because “ aapdu setting unchu che baka ”

7) Constant Desire to Make it Big

kaik motu karvu che

It is our never ending desire of “ jeevan ma kaik motu karvu che ” which drives us to take risks in life and at some point it seems to be all worth it.

8) Taking Risk is Addictive

risk is addictive

We Gujaratis love the element of THRILL that’s comes along with taking risks. Ad that is the reason we often say “ Risk leva ma j to khari maja che ”

9) Risk is better than Regret

regret nothing

We Gujaratis believe that “ Jeevan ma kyarey koi afsos na rehvo joiye ”. We always want to rule out the possibility of “ avu karyu hot saaru hot ”.

10) Risk is Omnipresent

risk badhe j hoy

We Gujaratis know that any sort of security is a MYTH. The element of risk runs in every single aspect of our lives. “Road cross kariye tyare pan koi BANDH MAGAJ thoki jaay enu risk hoy ”.

On the endnote an amazing quote by John A. Shedd:

ship in harbor quote john a shedd

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