9 Things Only Emotional People Will Understand

Things Only Emotional People Will Understand

Being an emotional person is boon and a blessing, feeling everything so deeply requires the heart of a warrior. Even if you decide to not let your heart take over your brain. Eventually you end up empathizing with the entire planet. Even if you are confused regarding are you highly emotional or moderately, read onto to find out!

Following are the 9 Things Only Emotional People Will Understand

1)You empathize in an Instant.

Whenever you hear something sad or not so sad, but if it has feelings along with it. You are the first person to go all *sob* *sob* *sob*

2) You are undoubtedly the Agony Aunt

You just don’t listen to people but also be a paternalistic figure until they are out of the problem! May be post that as well.

3) You can not but “let go “ of things, people and everything else!

Holding grudges is not what you do. It is just not your thing.  You prefer dealing with the issue right away, without holding anything against that person in your heart.You are an embodiment of live and let live.

4) Saying “NO” is a big “NO” to you

I am not saying you are a people pleaser, but saying no to anybody is very very very difficult for you. You can not hurt them. If somehow you manage to say “no” you will try every means to make up for it!

5) You get moved easily!

Be it a random movie or a play or some news. You live with the characters. You take no time to set the tear gates open from your eyes!

6) You get hurt very often!

This is nothing new! People might take advantage of you and your emotions. You may think everybody is just like you in the world but that is a fantasy bubble! When someone says something to you, rather than taking it normally or positively, your emotions make you overreact to it.

7) Overthinking!

Because you take everything and everybody so seriously, you might end up using a little too much of your grey matter. If overthinking burnt calories you would probably be dead by now!

8. You can not take decisions in a snap

Because you feel everything so deeply. You have to think about every peraon and thing that will be affected by your decision

9. You love dogs, way too much!

Apparently you feel they are your only true companion. They are your solace. So just woof your way away with them!

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