10 Things Every INDIAN Must Do On Republic Day Than JUST Posting Patriotic Posts

Things Every INDIAN Must Do On Republic Day

Social media is on the front seat and is the reason why most people bother to celebrate festivals and be around people. While most of the population is busy uploading tri-colored pictures which is a failed attempt to look like a desh bhakt, here are a few things we should start doing apart from gaining social media attention





Following are 10 Things Every INDIAN Must Do On Republic Day Than JUST Posting Patriotic Posts


1) Let go of “ Chaaley havey….”


kachro naakhvo nahi


No boss! Get rid of this sickening frame of mind. Sharing patriotic posts just to look responsible on social media and throwing of tetra packs on the roads, Naa chaaley!




2) Understand Bribing is uncool!


bribing is not good


Firstly giving a bribe is something to be ashamed of and secondly showing off about it by saying ‘ Apdey toh paisa aapiney karavi lidhu’ doesn’t add valor to your character.




3) Respect everyone not just women.


respect all


The rickshawala who drives you home or the municipal sweeper deserve equal respect from you and not your pity. They aren’t your paid servants.




4) Break stereotypes not signals!


dont break traffic signals


Just because “ jo oli gaadi nikli gayi” doesn’t mean you do it too.  Yes little things      matter much.




5) Stop making holiday plans on the election day!


vote for india


Voting is not optional it is mandatory. Make time for it or stop saying “ aa desh nu kai thavanu nathi”





6) Staring at white people is disrespectful


In this Tuesday, April 2, 2013 photo, German tourist Carolina De Paola, 22, walks near the landmark Gateway of India in Mumbai, India. A fatal gang rape in New Delhi didn't deter Germans De Paolo and Canan Wahner from traveling to India for a six-week tour. On a train, a man grabbed De Paolo's breasts from behind but she never reported the crime, deciding there would be no point. Violence against women, and the huge publicity generated by recent attacks here, is threatening India's $17.7 billion tourism industry with a new study showing tourism has plunged. (AP Photo/Rajanish Kakade)


Even after decades of gaining independence we still woo around white people. Save the last thread of self respect. Stop doing that right away!




7) Start paying taxes.


pay taxes


Just one direct way to help your country move ahead. The argument “ amara paisa toh government khai gayi” is not valid if you earn out of five sources and pay taxes for one




8) Be patriotic on other 364 days also.


responsible citizen of india


Glorifying our country and singing in high spirits for it is good but don’t forget you are an Indian for the rest of the year as well act responsibly!




9) Stop shying away from communicating in your mother tongue.


mother tongue


“ maro chokro toh roj English maaj vaat karey” No aunty not good! It is time we stop putting people who speak in English on a pedestal. Yes it is necessary to learn English but that doesn’t mean we give up in our mother tounge.




10) Mind your own Religion !


all religions are equal


You may worship a pokemon or the most obscure creature of the universe. You are free to do that but stop calling your religion above somebody.





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