12 Commandments To be A Perfect Gujarati

Commandments To be A Perfect Gujarati

Being born a Gujju and being a Gujju are two different things.  Just as management is an art and science, so is being a Gujarati.  So go onto checking the 12 commandments of being a PERFECT GUJARATI. Jo score saaro na aave toh start practicing from today itself!

Following are 12 Commandments To be A Perfect Gujarati

1) Bargaining

You must have the skill to bargain, especially at fixed Rate stores.

2) Adaptability

You must follow the philosophy of chaalse, faavse ane bhaavse.

3) Free no masaalo is your birthright

You must never let go of the free no masaalo from the vegetable vendor.

4) USA

You must have relatives in the States.

5) Money

You must never say “ savaal paisa no chej nai! ” ( because that is a LIE )

6) Sanedo

You shall remember that sanedo toh badhi party maa vagadvano j!

7) Extra Chutney

You must never ever say No to extra chutney. Be it Fafda, Gathiya, Dabeli or Sandwich.

8) Potano Bijness

You must always have “ maare potanu kaik karvu che on your mind ”

9) Hindi kaacha paaka aavadna chahiye

You shall never speak shudhh hindi it must have a tinch of Gujarati in it!

10) Self Made

You shall not indulge in “ baapa naa paise leher ”

11) Lagan no chaanlo

You shall never give lagan no chaanlo more than what your received from the guest on your or your relatives wedding.

Commandments To be A Perfect Gujarati

12) Gujju Slangs

You must teach words like “Chaapli” “Mindhi” “Dobo” “Dodh Daahyo” “Jabri” to your fellow non Gujjus.

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