10 Types of Girls At Every Gujju Wedding

The wedding season is in full swing and if you aren’t getting all decked up in the wedding attire, what are you doing? Ask a friend to get married, duh! Apart from all the tamasha around every Gujarati wedding, here are the types of girls you just cannot miss. Mere observing them is a laughter riot. Check out which one are you and what your friend is.

Following are the 10 Types of Girls At Every Gujju Wedding

1) The panchaat company!

Vaato na wada bas! The only reason why these kinda girls appear at the wedding is to update their gossip inventory. You can clearly make out they are onto ripping the hell out of everyone at the wedding with their gossip but when you walk up to them all they have is “ kai nai jo bas, ketlu saras arrangement che ne!” is their answer.

2) Khaudhri!

She does not care about the bride or the groom or the relatives either. All she waits for is the food counter to open. When encountered with a plate full she always has to say “are aa toh khaali, taste karva mate! Tame lesho?”

3) Snapchat wala ben!

Everything has to be posted. The shade of the haldi, how bright is the sun how pretty is the mandap. Yes the world is waiting for her to tell them. Is pretty much what she thinks! Relax girl the wedding invitation read “kutra nu filter lagadine lagan ma farvani sakhat mannai che!”

4) The fake candid girl!

Photographer ni aaju baaju is her location! Her Facebook DP is more important than the wedding pictures, apparently. If the photographer is busy she will catch hold of an iPhone ane bas mandi padse!

5) The best friend forever!

On the wedding day she kind of becomes the security guard cum maid cum make up artist cum whatever is possible! All she wants is to stay around her bff that is the bride-to-be! Badhu aamni permission thi j thaye!

6) Harakhpadudi!

She is the over excited one, throughout the wedding. Be it anything and everything, Aamne harakh duniya bhar no. Most of the times she is barely related to the bride or groom closely but still!

7) Aadsu ni pir!

She is the exact opposite of the previous one, she is least bothered about how she looks. Amnu chale toh night dress ma padhare lagan ma. Even the food does not get them all excited. How like how?

8) The typical saali!

She is the in charge of all the plotting for joota chori. Koi pan halat ma chokrawala thi paisa kadhavanaj is her motto! Beware of her if you can, eni laadki ben na lagan che. She is more of a VIP than the bride herself.

9) The NRI.

With all the fake accent in her baggage. She arrives in the wedding and everybody knows ke madam aavya che, because of all the “ee, ahiya badhu kevu untidy che!” ( In the fake accent of course!)

10) Miss elegant.

Amongst all she is the one who is the head turner. The drop dead gorgeous diva in the wedding. Koi pan divas hoye, ke pachi koi pan outfit, she manages to pull it off like a pro! Kaise kar leto ho?

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