10 Reasons You Are Still Single

Reasons You Are Still Single

The world runs on the principle of cause and effect.  The same holds true for getting into a relationship.  If you have been the lonely soul for quite a while,  there surely must be a cause  to it.  Maybe one or many of them could be the following ones. Read on, relax we are at your rescue!

Following are the 10 Reasons You Are Still Single:

1) Being a lazy bum!

This one surely has to top the list, if your crush is considerate enough to text you. Please reply ASAP. Do not sit down for another episode of GOT or anything! Reply right away!

2) Lying.

Either ways it is not beneficial, especially in a relationship. Do not try to bluff in order to impress someone. Just be what you are and love will find its way towards you.

3) Dislike texting!

You might be one of those who hates keeping their phones on 24*7. But who told you to do so? Talk to the love of your life for a while at least. Given this age and time texting is the easiest way to communicate without hesitation.

4) Cribbing!

You might be the Mr. Perfect or Miss. Perfect in your own fantasy land, Sorry but not all of us are a part of it. So, stop all the unwanted whining and appreciate the efforts the person puts into you and the relationship.

5) Work! Work Work!

Reasons You Are Still Single

Following your dreams and being goal oriented is a superb! Make sure you have a balance while doing so. You can keep your work as the first love of your life but ensure the person you like or likes you also finds a place up there.

6) Not accepting yourself!

Reasons You Are Still Single

If you are the one who always goes “oh! I am so fat, I am so thin, blah blah blah” god bless you then! Love yourself first then try to find it somewhere else. You can only give what you have, if you do not possess love for your own self how will you love someone else? #gyaaniMuch I know!!!

7) Being the goodie in the hoodie!

Reasons You Are Still Single

This will never help! Get out of your zone and try making new friends. That is the way to not only end your singlehood but also include a whole new lot of people in your life!

8) Being judgmental!

Reasons You Are Still Single

If you are one of those who does not even take a milli second to judge people, then please find solace in your single-hood. Loosen up a bit on judging every other person that passes by in your life and wait for love to make way.

9) You are still waiting for the perfect one!

As the saying goes “Humans are not perfect Relations are!” So, mind that dear and move over the teeny tiny flaws!

10) Stop fearing commitment!

Reasons You Are Still Single

Even if you do not put it out in front to everyone, your behavior will surely show off that you are the soul who thinks entering into a relationship means the end of freedom. Surely it isn’t like that, had it been so you would not have been born out of your mom! So, Take a chill pill and dive into the sea of commitment! Enjoy the bittersweet journey.

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