12 Things Gujju Girls Say Vs What They Mean

Things Gujju Girls Say Vs What They Mean

Now women can be amaze or A maze, when you try to understand them. A good rule of thumb is to always have a couple of platonic female friends on hand to serve as certified interpreters on the occasions when questions arise. so even if you do not have them, chill maro, vaancho aney share karo!”

Following are 12 Things Gujju Girls Say Vs What They Mean

1) “It’s fine”

Not it surely isn’t. She wants a prolonged discussion about it je ek kalak thi ochu naa hoye. So never fall into this trap.

2) “Maney bhukh nathi!”

What she means is I will not admit that I am hungry as hell. But if you do not understand that you have to get pizza for me . Tamne bhagwaan bachave !

3) “Ohhh!”

I do not give a damn to what you say but, just  so know I am listening mare kaik reply karvo padse !

4) “Hmmm”

I am pissed at you right now and will be for the next zillion hours. Pan jo mara mate ice cream laave toh maaf! ????

5) “Na na jarak busy hati”

There might be times when she is genuinely busy. But if you are the one who pesters her with 10 messages an hour. Then, for you she surely mean “ pakaav nai yaar, I am just being courteous!”

6) “Maney laage che hu jaadi thai gai”

What she wants you to do is tell her that she is not getting fat. Bhul thi pan if you nod a yes on this one. You shall face the deadly consequences!

7) “Such pretty heels, Hu toh roj pehris. They are an investment!”

Hu khali bulding thi nikli ne car sudhi pehris.  Pachi the flip flops be the best duh!

8) Insane screaming

Ene joyo ek cockroach . Yes I know you thought somebody dropped dead!

9) “We need to talk”

What she means is. Hu vaat karis tare khali sambhalvanu che!

10) “It is okay, I forgive you”

I am going to remember this for the rest of my life. This is archived information.  Pan atayre chalsey, maaf kiya!

11) “Na hu gussey nathi !”

Do not ask “ haji gussey che?” again and again which will in turn make us angry and hence you will prove that I was angry. Just shut up!

12) “I am Sorry”

I empathize with you for whatever shit you went through. But, this does not mean I am at fault okay!

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