10 Signs You Are A Mota Manas

Mota Manas

The oxford dictionary might have several words  for explaining what is the meaning of being rich, but there is no better way which explains the emotions as calling someone “MOTA MANAS” check out what things can get you to be called that by your Gujju friends.

Here are 10 Signs You Are A Mota Manas:

1. When you come late in the Gathering you become “Mota Manas”

Yes there may be a genuine reason why that happened but if it happens more than three times be ready to hear “ tame toh VIP, VIP loko toh late j aave ne “

2. When you choose a hotel over a lahri

You might have become hygiene conscious but how come out of the blue?  No I am not asking this your friends will.

3. When you don’t accept calls after 4 missed calls.

Not picking up calls is a punishable offence under the Friendships Act. Phone su kaam raakhyo che. Upaadvo na hoye toh !!!

4. When you get your car for a casual meet up.

Bau paiso che yaar, thai gaya mota manas! *phew*

5. When you look tip top, top to bottom.

Dressing up is important, and maybe you decided to look good one fine day but be ready to hear “ waah navi navai na taiyar thaine aavya, mota manas”

6. When you don’t reply in the WhatsApp groups.

I don’t know how but when you ask your friends from that group how’s life going they will surely confront you with “ tame toh WhatsApp jota nai hov, mota manas thai gaya have ! “

7. When everybody in the group is single.

Ane tamne tamara hraday no tukdo mali gayo hoye. It is obvious that at times you might have to prioritize between your love life and friends. But if they come to know about this “ tamey toh bhai mota manas, Amari kya yaad j ave ! ”

8. When you wear only branded clothes/ accessories / watch / shoes

If you are among those who are brand freaks when it comes to clothes, accessories, watch, shoes you will often hear… ” Raado ni ghadiyal ? tame mota manas !” “Armani nu shirt ? tame mota manas ! “

9. iPhone…. enough said !

iPhone bahar nikadyo nathi ke mandi padse ” tame iPhone wala mota manaso !!”

10. When you have your own business

Any debate on economy, development, work, etc among the group ends with friends saying ” Taare su tension ! Taare to potano dhandho che ! Tame to mota manas ! “

What other things you think make your friends think of you as being MOTA MANAS ? Feel free to add in the comment section below 🙂

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