3 Harmful Effects of Eating in Bed | Stop Doing that Immediately

Harmful Effects of Eating in Bed

If you, your spouse or your children have the habit of having food in bed, please stop immediately.

Hereby we have listed 3 harmful effects of eating in bed that poses serious health risk for you and your loved ones.

1) Inviting Bugs:

Irrespective of the type of food we are consuming, there always remains a high possibility that a tiny portion of it spills down from the dish/packet or accidentally slips out of our hand and lands directly on the bed. Even though this tiny portion is picked up, it may have remnants spread across the bed which may invite ants and all different varieties of bugs. By sleeping on such bed, you are making yourself vulnerable to bug bites and all sorts of problems emanating from it.

2) Decomposition of Food:

The remnant of food on your bed, which has not been eaten/carried away by bugs starts decomposing. As we know, it is a complex process involving bacteria and germs. By Sleeping on such bed, you may come in direct contact with such decomposed food and may get skin allergy. Even worst, while in sleep if you inhale such bacteria/germs you may get a serious health problem.

3) Incorrect Posture while Eating:

Anyone having food in bed may most likely have it while laying flat or while lying prone. Both these postures are not conducive for eating and one may face digestion related problems due to this.

However, two of the above stated problems can be avoided if the bed sheet is changed and sent for wash soon after having food on its. But this may not be practically possible for most of the households.

Please remember, bed is meant for sleeping and the above stated outcomes from eating in bed, makes the bed useless as you will not gain a sound sleep on such bug infested and germs-ridden bed.

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