Honest Gujarati Meaning Of Your Blood Group

All human beings possess unique personalities. To put it in Gujju perspective: badha ek thi ek nang hoy ! However we can categorize their behavior considering various factors one such factor being our BLOOD GROUP. Ever wondered what personality trait does your blood group holds? Then check out this brutally honest GUJARATI meaning of your blood group 😀

Following are Honest Gujarati Meaning Of Your Blood Group

A+ (Positive)

Nana teniyaao koi vastu maate jidd kare ane jamin par aarotva laage eva jiddi aa A+ blood group vala hoy che. Emni JIDD jya sudhi puri na thy tya sudhi e loko jhape nai !

A – (Negative)

Ek number na moody maanaso ane plan CHOPAT karva ma expert! They might come out as needy because they do keep looking for security !

B+ (Positive)

Always excited to do something! Oh wait they just got distracted again for the 100th time. They think they are the most intelligent and think of everybody else as “ Daphod ”. Well you know who is it now right?

B – (Negative)

All they care about is lying all day sleeping is their forte. Aakho vakhat PADEDA ni jem padya rehse. As much as they love lazing around they are also super practical. They are always “EKDAM MAJAMA” (bhale kharekhar ma hoy k na hoy)

O+ (Positive)

Akha gaam bhar no attitude lai ne fare aa loko. “MAA LYF MAA RULEZZZ” vada namunao mota bhaage aa loko j hoy che !

O– (Negative)

Kasauti Zindagi Kay ma KOMOLIKA jeva paatro etle aa O- blood group vala. You can ever know what they are thinking (and what they will do to you 😛 )

AB+ (Positive)

Aa blood group vaada namunaao ek number na double dholki hoy. Kyarek kaik kehshe ane biji j second ma enu undhu j kehshe. Aa loko ne banne side bolva joiye !!!

AB – (Negative)

Ask them what they want and their favorite answer is “ umm.. maney nathi khabar yaar! ” Gullible and directionless. Potana ghar ma khovaai jaay etla bhatkela 😀

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