12 Honest Gujju Answers To Every Boss’s Stupid Questions

Honest Gujju Answers

Bosses can give you quite a tough deal at times or probably most of the times. Specially if your boss is more about kicking your ass than saving it. Not saying all the bosses out there are just bad as I make them sound below but yes all of them are at some point or the other. To add to it asking the stupidest questions is every manager/bosses birthright. Here are some brutally honest Gujju answers to every stupid question thrown at you by the boss. Do share this with your boss!!!! *of course anonymously * 😛

Following are 12 Honest Gujju Answers To Every Boss’s Stupid Questions

1) Why don’t you give your 100%?

Kem ke salary pan aakhi nathi malti, TDS kapay che!

2) Why didn’t you attend the meeting yesterday?

Tamru j “urgent” kaam patavto hato, short term memory loss che tamne ?

3) Why don’t you work harder this quarter?

Hu kaam karva lagish toh tamne inferiority complex thai jasey!

4) Why You are behaving so unprofessional these days?

Tamara pasey thij shikyo chu!

5) Why are you late?

Tamaru daachu thodi ochi vaar jovu padey etle!

6) I want this done ASAP!

Complex Project che maggi nai, chill maro!

7) Leaving so early?

Na havey tamari saathe bhhatkayo, kyathi javaase !

8) Do you know how hard I worked when I was at your level?

Na sir, pdf ma nakhi mail kari dejo please, atyare bhaashan nai aapta!

9) Don’t ask stupid questions!

Jawab nathi evo bolo ney, huh!

10) I need you to come a little early tomorrow !

Kehta hoye toh office maa j gadlu nakhi dau ane rokaai jau?

11) Don’t give stupid excuses!

Saru toh tame j kari lo, amara thi nai thaye!

12) Are you really sick?

Have shu mari jau pachi maanso?

Have more such honest answers to silly questions asked by boss ? Vent out your frustration in the comment section below 😛

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