Interesting FACTS and MYTHS about FAFDA JALEBI We Bet You Don’t Know!

Facts and Myths about Fafda Jalebi
Fafda Jalebi

We are Gujjus and drooling over Fafda Jalebi is our birth right. In fact Dussehra should also be celebrated as national Fafda Jalebi day! The love for these lovely dishes is never ending for a Gujarati. All the glorification this dish has been receiving is truly deserved. However there are some misconceptions as well surrounding Fafda Jalebi.

Here are some Interesting Facts and Myths about Fafda Jalebi and their consumption particularly on Dussehra

Facts about Fafda Jalebi

Fact 1:

Many people undergo fasting during the Nine nights of Navratri and thus abstain from eating a normal diet. Breaking the fast with Fafda or anything made of gram flour is also suggested by our scriptures.

Fact 2:

Gram flour which is the key ingredient of fafda takes longer to digest and thus helps the person remain full for a longer period post fasting.

Fact 3:

Fafda is a good source of the vitamin Thiamin which helps the body in converting food into energy. Hence, it is consumed post the rocking garba nights.

Fact 4:

After the weariness of dancing for nine days, jalebis help reduce the fatigue. Also, Jalebi is a great source of sugar which restores the dearth of glucose that occurs due to dancing like maniacs

Myths about Fafda Jalebi

Myth 1:

First things first, Fafda jalebi isn’t an everyday meal for Gujaratis. Yes it might be a weekly or a fortnightly affair. Do not label it as our staple food folks!

Myth 2:

You will not find Fafda Jalebi Dabbas at every house, for one simple reason Gujaratis do not have it all the time! Don’t you go “ tere ghar pe fafda he kya?” to your Gujju friends every time. Ask for their farsanwala’s address and cut the crap!

Myth 3:

Fafda Jalebi is not the start and end of the delicious Gujarati cuisine. Our cuisine is an ocean which is totally worth diving in.

Myth 4:

Not all Gujaratis get Fafda-Jalebigasms. Yes they exist! Who made it a rule that every Gujju must be a Fafda fanatic and every Non-gujju an Anti-Fafda Jalebi party member.

So go ahead and indulge but remember, anything in excess is not good 🙂

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