Kangana Ranaut makes Big Statement on Reservation, says “Reservation should be for the poor not based on caste system”

Kangana Ranaut makes Big Statement on Reservation

Reservation is one of the most sensitive issues in the country. It is said that this is an issue on which governments can form and fall as well. Many times there is a debate in the country on what should be the basis of reservation.

Kangana Ranaut makes Big Statement on Reservation

The questions that are at the center of these debates are whether reservation should be given on the basis of caste? Or should it be on the basis of financial condition? Now Kangana Ranaut has expressed her opinion on this sensitive issue. Let us see what she said

Kangana Ranaut makes Big Statement on Reservation

Kangana gave a big statement on reservation

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has said from her official Twitter handle that the basis of reservation should be poverty only. According to Kangana, reservation should never be on the basis of caste. She posted a tweet in which she wrote, “Reservations should be for the poor not based on caste system… I know how Rajputs are suffering but very sad to read about Brahmins”

Two things have clearly come out of Kangana’s tweet. Firstly, Kangana is strongly against giving reservation on the basis of caste and secondly she has expressed concern over the status of Brahmins. In her tweet, she has mentioned the Brahmins because a user gave her statistical data and told that 55 percent of Brahmins are below the poverty line.

This is not the first time Kangana has given a statement about reservation, even before that she has given a statement on reservation many times. Many times there has been a ruckus on her statement.

This time too, social media is seen divided into two factions on Kangana’s statement. Many people are agreeing with Kangana’s views, while some people are advising Kangana that she should read about reservation in detail.

Kangana may be arrested

For your information, let us know that an FIR has been filed recently against her for hurting religious sentiments. It is believed that she may also be arrested. However, the Mumbai Police is investigating the entire case. Police summons are likely to be sent next week to both the sisters Rangoli Chandel and Kangana Ranaut for questioning.

Kangana Ranaut makes Big Statement on Reservation

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