Take a Glimpse of History of Indian Railways through these Rare Black and White Pics

History of Indian Railways Pics

Indian Railways history dates by to year, 1853, when the first passenger train commenced operations between Bombay and Thane. Since then, Railways have become an integral part of Indian masses.

You can hardly find any Indian adult who would have not experienced Railway journey in his life. Moreover, it is the most preferred mode of inter-city and inter-state transport for travellers as well as goods.


A Railway Station near Kolkata


Electric Locomotive that ran on Great Indian Peninsula Railway (GIPR) lines. During 1920s and 30s, GIPR lines were one of the most busiest and were among the first ones to have shifted from steam engines to electric engines.


Picture of a train that met with an accident


Railway reversing junction on Bore Ghat, Western Ghats located near Pune, Maharashtra


Hyderabad Railway Station


Another Great Indian Peninsula Railway (GIPR) Locomotive. This one seems like the one running on steam traction


Interior of Dining Car: In those days, there were dining cars which were equivalent to current days first class.


Victoria Terminus in Mumbai. It has now been renamed as Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus


The Deccan Queen Passenger train, that ran between Mumbai and Pune. The image shows that it was pulled by an electric locomotive


Another picture of train accident. Seems, train accidents were quite frequent in those days as well


Inauguration of a Railway Bridge in Rajpipla, Gujarat


A rare pic of Darjeeling Himalayan Railway connecting Siliguri and Darjeeling

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