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Sitting Positions and Personality

Even though person may not speak at all, lot of information about his/her personality can be inferred simply by observing the way he/she stands, sits and walks. Body Language is such a fantastic subject and worth knowing about, as it may help you in your personal, social and professional interactions.

In this article we will discuss about 5 different Sitting Positions and what it reveals about Individual’s True Personality.

Position # 1 – Sitting with Straight Legs:

Sitting Positions and Personality

People who generally sit in this position are punctual, strong believers in cleanliness and well organised in personal life.

Position # 2 – Sitting with Legs Twisted Outside:

Sitting Positions and Personality

Such people think a lot before speaking. However they are not focused and their mind keeps on hoping from one thought to another. In short, they tend to think a lot.

Position # 3 – Sitting with Legs Twisted Inside:

Sitting Positions and Personality

Individuals adopting this posture while sitting are not just creative but also have a Charismatic nature. Others around them feel attracted towards such individuals and get easily aligned with their though process.

Position # 4 – Sitting with One Leg over the other:

Sitting Positions and Personality

Such people are Dreamers by nature. However they make friends with great ease.

Position # 5 – Sitting with both legs slanting to one side:

Sitting Positions and Personality

For such individuals, their career is the No.1 priority. They are goal oriented and cannot be easily satisfied.

Now onwards, observe the sitting positions of people around you. It will help you to know them better.

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