8 Ways In Which A Gujarati Says No Instead Of Using The Word “NO”

There are lot of occasions in life where one has to say “NO” to something due to several reasons. However saying “NO” to people straight away especially to the near and dear ones is a TASK as big as climbing Mount Everest ! It is painful and filled with guilt. But we smart Gujaratis have discovered many ways to say no without saying the word “NO” 😛 

Following are 8 Ways In Which A Gujarati Says No Instead Of Using The Word “NO”

1) Chal ne hu jou chhu

If there is a line between “yes” nd “no” then it is this “chal ne hu jovu chhu” zone. Evu to su jose bhagwaan jaane. Aa “jovani” process is never ending 😛

2) Maaru nakki nathi

This phrase is somewhat towards “NO” but still it keeps the hopes alive 😛 The reason for using this phrase is ke loko pachi chadhi na bese. You can always say “me to pehla j kidhelu ke maru nakki nathi!” 

3) Thodi vaar ma kahu tane

This way gets the award of the most irritating way of saying “NO” because that “THODI VAAR” never ends. Thodi vaar thodi vaar karta karta bau vaar thai jaay ! but thodi vaar pate nai ! 😀

4) Baapa ne puchvu padse

This way gets the award for the “SAFEST” way of saying no. You can be like “Maari to ha j che ! pan bapa ne puchvu pade ! Bapa keh e final”

5) Maari tabiyet thik nathi

This way gets the award of the most convincing way of saying NO especially when you have to go somewhere and you want to say “NO” 😛 

6) Tu moto / moti thais pachi..

This is the KID’S SPECIAL way of saying NO 😛 Kai pan levu hoy, kase javu hoy “na beta amna nai.. tu moto thais/ moti thais pachi” and it goes on till the time you get married yourself have your own kids and start saying the same to them 😀

7) Thodu pehla kidhu hot to thai jaat

This way is generally used when some one tells to do some work which you don’t want to ( like NAVRATRI na PASSES 😛 ) This way gets the boomerang award ! Rather than you feeling bad to say no, saame vada ne thay “yaar pehla aane kai didhu hot to kaam thai gayu hot !” 😀

8) Hu thodo kaam ma chhu

And this one gets the EVER GREEN – SADAA BAHAAR award 😀 Kai na male to chelle “hu thodo kaam ma chhu amna, pachi vaat karu”    Saying this in lower voice and serious tone makes this way extremely EFFECTIVE 😀

Jokes apart.. Sometimes it is best to confront and say “NO”. It is rightly said in Gujarati  “Jeevan ma ‘NA’ paadta shikho, hamesha sukhi rehsho !” 🙂

Have more such ways which you use or is used by your friends ? Feel free to add in the comment section below 🙂

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