10 Easy Ways To Piss Off Any Gujarati

Gujaratis are known for their cool and calm nature and their ability to tackle any situation with a broad smile on their face. Always happy go lucky with a dream to make a difference in the world is what defines us. How ever there are some points which triggers the ANGER within us and makes us go crazy. It can be lethal for the one instigating it 😛 Never try it on Gujaratis. 😀





Following are 10 such Easy Ways To Piss Off Any Gujarati with guaranteed results:


1) Not removing shoes before entering a house


boot bahar kaadho


Not removing shoes before entering a house is a crime 😛 You may not get the best of a welcome if you do so 😀 Gujaratiyo ne har ma gandki bilkul na game.




2) Claiming that Gujarati women are less beautiful.


gujarati women beautiful


Never enter into a debate on the topic of beauty of Gujarati women. You are bound to lose on this one They are BEAUTIFUL .. End of Topic !




3) Using left Hand


jamno haath j vaaparvano


Using left hand to serve food, eat food, offer money certainly pisses a Gujarati off ! They ll tell you straight away to use right hand instead.




4) Stepping on a book/ paper


tane paap laagse


Book/ Paper are considered as VIDHYA and stepping of it entitles you to not just PAAP but also endless taunts by Gujaratis.




5) Oh you are a Gujarati !?!


aavu na bolis


Saying some thing like ” Oh you are a Gujarati ! I could know out from your Gujjuish Face ! “ NEVER SAY THAT !





6) Asking them whether they eat Fafda-Dhokla 


gujarati dishes


No ! We don’t eat fafda dhokla all the time ! We have wide range of delicious food dishes. To name a few 30 Dishes That Prove Gujarati Food Is Much More Than Just Fafda and Dhokla.




7) Not Playing Garba at a party/ event 


garba to ramvana j


We are totally cool with any kind of music being played at any party / event. Bas Garba should be included in the play list 😛




8) Bad Money Skills


tara thi nai thay


Be it counting money, managing the funds or bargaining, bad money skills definitely pisses off a Gujarati.




9) Adding “chu” “che” in your conversation !


jo baka gujarati


Adding “chu” “che” in a conversation doesn’t make it Gujarati but makes it IRRITATING instead ! Rather speak in a language you are comfortable ! We’ll understand !




10) Challenging a GUJARATI


modi usa visa


Challenging a Gujarati is a last thing on earth you would want to do ! There can be only two outcomes when you challenge a  Gujarati

  1. You lose
  2. You lose BADLY !



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